7:30 to debut its first cut & sew collection at Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe 2014

Tanaka samkange

7:30 apparel a Ready to wear/street wear brand by Tanaka Leroy Samukange will debut its first cut & sew collection at Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe under the theme Be your self proudly made.


“Be yourself proudly made ,the theme be yourself proudly made are two phrases joined together, for me to understand the theme I had to break and separate the two phrases apart.
Be yourself
Be yourself is such a vague adage to me its finding yourself and defining yourself by your own terms. When I
designed this collection I looked myself guts to the skin and listed down all the things I like and things that
inspire me that was my thought process when designing.
Proudly made
The phrase proudly made means having pride in making something, my collection has an eye popping palette of earth tones and strong influence of the capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare. I showed this by using shapes and silhouettes which resemble building found in the Harare CBD.
1980’s fashion
My collection for Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe 2014 was inspired by the 1980’s fashion and today’s pop culture. The hip-hop style in the 1980’s was popular among the youth, it was characterized by ripped skinny jeans, worn out band t-shirts and leather jackets.

Fashion weekend Zimbawe
Fashion weekend Zimbawe

I differentiated my women’s and men’s collection by giving the female outfits a fitted look and included body
hugging pieces. The female shirts are made from checkered fabric with detail of the same denim used in the pants. All the female shirts have ¾ sleeves, and print at the back that read “Harare 04”

7:30 to debut its first cut & sew collection
at Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe 2014
on the 24th of October

The male shorts are lined with contrast checkered fabric which matches the ones used on the shirts to give the
collection a sense of harmony. The fabric use for the flaps on the female pants is denim fabric. The patch work used on the heart, on the boat neck to is also denim too.”- Tanaka leroy Samukange

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