Ricco Andrews: A Contemporary Dance Genius “Ronga King”

Ronga King Ricco Andrew
Ronga King Ricco Andrew

Dance is a lifestyle and it’s a language that can cut across many cultures and has no barriers, it is also a career for me says, Ricco Andrews a talented Choreographer and Model. A packaged Artist as he merges his smooth dance moves with his singing abilities which are complemented by his performances and of course his unique abstract fashion sense.

Ricco's  Abstract Culture
Ricco’s Abstract Culture

Ricco is a proud diplomat of Zimbabwean music internationally. In 2011 he founded an award winning dance crew which won the Zim hip hop award for best dance crew. This creative envoy has shared the stage with other great international acts like Ice Prince Zamani, Liquid Deep, Zahara and Teargas.


Ricco also operates a dance academy called Jiva which is located at the Heath Streak Cricket Academy in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. The Ronga King was  one of the judges at the countries prestigious dance festival,  Jibilika Dance Festival .To add to some of his achievements Ricco Andrews together with his group of choreographer friends #TEAMRONGA won the national Edgars Red Square Dance Competition where their winning dance will be part of the national Fashion extravaganza.

“Everyone will have their own idea of who you are or destined to be but do not let that define you and pray without ceasing”.

About his dance which is doing the rounds on YouTube the RongaDance.This is what he had to say about the dance and what it means, “Ronga was derived from the shona word “Kuronga” which means to organise, they is good success in being organised. ”

Ronga Dance
Ronga Dance

In two years’ time this talent son of Bulawayo hopes to have started an International Foundation aimed at helping kids to realise their dreams. It will be called Youth Connect Africa. On to the foundation Andrews also hopes to have established his own recording label which will be a force to  reckon with in Africa.


His words of encouragement to anyone pursuing/chasing their dreams Ricco Andrews had this to say, “Everyone will have their own idea of who you are or destined to be but do not let that define you and pray without ceasing”.

You can like his page on Facebook, Ricco Andrews and check out the Ronga Movement on YouTube.