THE World Wide Web was ablaze this past week. One of South Africa’s mainstream cats (Rapper) AKA dropped a smashing diss track called #Composure. The track which was directed at Casseper Nyovest another prominent rapper in South Africa was trending massively on social media .During the publication of this article the track had already grossed massive hits and downloads on the internet. The intimidating lyrics on the song had the whole world going crazy and debating about who is the best rapper in South Africa.

skies hip hop
skies hip hop

The Phumakim rapper Cassper Nyovest went to his Facebook page and this is what he had to type “I was going to let this slide but I think, I should let the fans decide, let me see who thinksI should respond and who thinks I should keep my composure.”


Check it out which was published by a few weeks ago when it was published it got a whip lash from rappers and hip hop authorities in Zimbabwe.



Urbanculxure was labelled a beef instigator. After following the Drake / Meek Mill Beef in the USA and the AKA/ Casseper Nyovest saga the possible conclusion is that Beef is a part of the Hip Hop Culture. The likes, comments, trends and hits on the World Wide Web have shown that any feud between rappers escalates public debate and interests’ people into the hip hop world.

In the Bulawayo hip hop scene. This past week Guluva7 and Bleck Hit two prominent underground rapperswere in the abattoir on social media, the two were exchanging harsh texts. For the respect of our readership we are unable to put the chats on our site. However if you want the chats you can contact .In another development one of Bulawayo’s` rappersreleased a collage with faces of some prominent rappers from the City of kings and named it “THIS IS BYO RAP”.



This did not go well with some ofthe other hard-core underground and mainstream rappers. Some were quick dis credit the collage as they saw it as bias and just the rappers opinion. All these developments reveal the tension and feud in the hip hop circles and show that beef is a part of the Hip Hop Culture.
Live and comment below and tell us what you think. The question still remains Can Beef stimulate The Zimbabwean Hip-hop scene?