Keith Nkosi: A prolific Stand-up Comedian…

One will turn to ask why Makokoba? One will turn to question on what kind of life makes Makokoba be the giant in unleashing talented creatives. Makokoba is one township in Zimbabwe that has gave us talented individuals especially in our creative sectors and sport.




When Umahlekisa Turned 2 early this year I was introduced to another star from Makokoba. A man who is proud to have been born and bred in Makokoba, a fine Comedian who also makes some jokes about his hood which is also famous for gangs.

He says Makokoba is A Paradise. The funny guy who is revered by many comedy fans for his laughter spitting jokes. Keith Nkosi a scripted funny comedian and his work revolves around satire,breaking stereotypes and thought provocating.

Keith Nkosi :Picture by : Mgcini Nyoni Photography
Keith Nkosi : Picture by : Mgcini Nyoni Photography

After Last night’s Comedy Night at Intwasa Arts Festival Ko Bulawayo i managed to  have a conversation with talented Nkosi, who had gave another mouth watering act.

How did you start?

In 2010 when I promoted show for my 4th year arts marketing and management project, I was the brains behind of a weekly show at University called (CAW) Comedians At Work. After graduation decided to go professional. I performed open Mic in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Keith Nkosi: A prolific Stand-up Comedian…
Keith Nkosi: A prolific Stand-up Comedian…

Where have you performed at?

I have had the privilege to perform at Umahlekisa Comedy Club since its inception. I have also been part of Simuka Comedy Club,Ibumba festival and Bulawayo Night of a 1000 laughs.


My inspiration is Tupac because he told ghetto stories and the social ills in entertaining way. I had find my way of telling the ghetto story then comedy happened.

What Drives you?

Iam driven by ghetto kids who have dreams storiesbut don’t know how to tellthem who suffer from a syndrome of knowing what they want but don’t know how to get it

Describe Yourself in Five Words?

Colourful, Weird, Wild unpredictable and Fun

What do you think should be done to improve the arts sector in Zimbabwe?

 Keith Nkosi : Picture by : Mgcini Nyoni Photography
Keith Nkosi : Picture by : Mgcini Nyoni Photography

For the arts sector to improve the lifes of people should be improved first. When people are stress free and have addressed the basic needs that Abrahim Maslow talked about on his hierarchy of needs then there can start to think of entertainment no one wants to laugh on an empty stomach.

Your Last Words…

I wish to bridge Makokoba with the rest of the world…


With his perfomance last night i can only imagine what the future will be like he is one fine gentleman to watch out for in the comedy business.