When women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life. So it becomes a good sight to see when our very own ladies in the art circles stand together while giving the society a bone or two to chew on, in this case some worlds to chew on.
The all women affair tagged: Rhyme, Reason & Resistance,  happened this past Saturday at Mershies Restaurant in the City of Kings and was organized by the young and vibrant youth of LAN (Leaders for Africa Network).
Just as the country is going through a period of blackouts from the shortage of electricity, there was no electricity in the often glamorous restaurant at show time. But the organizers made up of the Pan Africanist
‘Ras’ Mkhonto Mahomva soon turned this challenge into a positive, creating a romantic and passionate mood by lighting up candles across the room. And indeed it was dark enough to begin seeing the stars as they began to glow.


The host of the evening was non other than the eccentric poetess slash actress, Fungai Mombershora aka BlackLily, who would later also close off the show with some of her own poems.

Linda Gabriel, the Poetic Angel
Linda Gabriel, the Poetic Angel

The show was opened by by two of the LAN debaters who gave some women empowerment pieces. This was followed by PriCynth who gave a soulful presentation of four christian poems that left the crowd seeking for redemption of their sins.

Tinashe Tafirenyika @Intwasa Slam Photo by Batsirai E Chigama
Tinashe Tafirenyika @Intwasa Slam Photo by Batsirai E Chigama

Tinashe  Tafirenyika then took to the stage in a multi coloured dress to dish out varicoloured poems. Like PriCynth, the recently graduated University of Zimbabwe student liked up to expectations with a well-polished performance which included pieces in English and Ndebele and a bonus song.

The main act was Linda Gabriel, the Poetic Angel, who got the most vocal appreciation from the crowd. The award-winning poetess came all the way from Harare to grace the event. It was her second visit to the city to perform after her Indaba Book Cafe debut. Her poems included I Undress Myself and Mai Tino.

The final performer was Fungai Mombeshora, BlackLily who warmed the audience with her poems. After winning two awards at Intwasa Poetry Slam, she was one the poetesses the crowd paid to see.