HIT or FLOP :Jnr Brown Tongogara

Artist: Jnr Brown

Track:  Tongogara


Ukawona zvandakawona uno pofomara, ndosaka maziso ari red fanika Tongogara! This week on HIT or FLOP we feature a brand new song from Jnr Brown titled Tongogara.

I must say I’m not a Zim Hip Hop fan for various reasons, but this track just caught my attention right from the start. Listening to many tracks from that genre in my country hasn’t really inspired me to love the genre, because the guys haven’t seen to have caught the real idea of hip hop.

Ukawona zvandakawona uno pofomara, ndosaka maziso ari red fanika Tongogara!

I just love the flow he had; it really got me nodding my head through the song! Thumbs up Jnr Brown The most amazing thing about the songs are the lyrics. Where on earth did he get the inspiration to write such? Jnr Brown talks about all things we can relate to in our daily lives.

“Varikutibhaiza kutipa hupfu ivo vakawhandisa mapadza

This guy is a freak I tell you, I mean it in a good way though. To be honest Cal_vin’s fans must be on the edge of their seats after hearing this song because it aren’t a push over!

HIT or FLOP :Jnr Brown Tongogara
HIT or FLOP :Jnr Brown Tongogara

The first thing that got me curious was the guitar in the track. I must say I have a soft spot for songs which have a guitar throughout especially acoustic guitar. That was an amazing fusion from Jnr Brown. I wouldn’t be surprised if this song can land Jnr Brown a number of awards this year.

For me this is a 4 star track, no two ways about it this song is definitely a HIT!

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