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Sing Your Way to Paris...
Sing Your Way to Paris…

Are you aged 14 to 26?

A selection of 11 French songs (backng tracks) awaits you at the Alliance Française of Bulawayo from Saturday February 6. Bring an external storage device (Flashdrive) to have a copy of the backing tracks, and train yourself at your own pace.

– From Saturday 6 February to Saturday 5 March, Register and collect the backing tracks (participants are required to come with their external storage device Flash drive.)
– Saturday 5 March: registration and backing tracks collection closes at 16h00.
– Saturday 12 March from 14h00 to 16h00 @ the Zimbabwe Academy of Music Bulawayo: Preselection of the best 2 singers from Bulawayo
– Saturday 19 March @ Harare: Final selection

Register at Alliance Française de Bulawayo
61 Heyman Road, Suburbs
Bulawayo – ZIMBABWE
Tel : (+261) 9 250 245