It’s so amazing how Zimbabwe has had a lot of amazing Musicians over the years, the like of Simon Chopper Chimbetu, James Chimombe, Leonard Dembo, Chiwoneso Maraire, Andy Brown, Lovemore Majaivana, Tongai Moyo, Alick Macheso just to mention a few.

Oliver Mtukudzi and Thomas Mapfumo
Oliver Mtukudzi and Thomas Mapfumo

In a pool of outstanding musicians in the country there are two that have really been viewed as iconic as far as the music industry is concerned in Zimbabwe, and it’s Oliver ‘TUKU’ Mtukudzi and Thomas ‘MKANYA’ Mapfumo.


Lets take 2 quick facts about these two icons and you decided who is the GREATEST of all time!


TUKU – 61




TUKU – 24



Mtukudzi began performing in 1977 when he joined the Wagon Wheels, a band that also featured Thomas Mapfumo. Their single Dzandimomotera went gold and Tuku’s first album followed, which was also a major success.

Mapfumo began performing at the age of 16 From then he was always in one band or another, sometimes doing odd jobs on the side as well, including chicken farming. Hence the name of his 1972 band, the Hallelujah Chicken Run Band.

Who is the greatest of all time?

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  • blacks

    Tuku was nurtured by Mukanya, he himself ‘Tuku’ acknowledges that. Mukanya has few albums and awards coz of his controversial approach to oppression of the masses whereby Tuku became daddy’s boy for treading between the thin line. However both are good musically. Gandanga igandanga, haridye derere hahahaha.

  • NhundiraTsime

    When you say ‘awards’, what awards are you talking about or are you counting because there are countless different awards around the world that honour artists from all over the world. To say Mkanya has 3 awards shows that your article is poorly researched.
    Also you have to remember that there was a period when Tuku was churning out one gospel album after another. I suppose they are still his albums even though he was just singing popular church hymns and choruses.
    I love both Tuku and Mkanya but i think your article is a little biased towards Tuku. As i said i love these 2 legends but for me personally i’d have to say Mkanya is ahead. I’d go as far as saying Mkanya is a national treasure. However Tuku is not too far behind.

  • Murambwi

    TUKU ave kuseri vakomana kumuvenga kana kumuda he is best