Valentines’ Day: A culture or a feeling. What’s your take?

“To be honest this day is a wake-up call for others. If you are not a priority on that day then someone is. So wake up and smell the coffee. “

Valentine : Picture Source Online

Many a time, we overlook small but very important things. We are in the month of February and yes it’s all about love this, love that. We are concerned about our dates, what to buy and where to go on Valentines Day. While it’s a great thing, one can’t help but wonder whether we have ever really taken time to understand what Valentines is all about.  Why we are even celebrating it in the first place?


In response to this, we decided to do a random sampling on what people think about Valentines Day, not its origins but what it means to them.  Before buying that special gift, before going to that expensive resort, how about taking time to mediate on why you are doing it-because only then will it be special.

So here are 5 random thoughts about Valentine’s Day, from anonymous individuals and why they celebrate it;

Boxed Chocolates and roses: Picture Source Online
Boxed Chocolates and roses: Picture Source Online

1.“It is a day of showing love through sending love tokens to that special person with whom you are romantically involved. St Valentine himself would send a card to his loved one on this day. Ever since, people have suited the tokens to what works best for them. However the commercialisation of the day does not help because it wraps us up in expectations because these cards, chocolates and flowers make us feel left out if we do not receive any. Hence I don’t celebrate this day but at the same time I don’t condemn those who do. I wouldn’t turn down a box of chocolates from a believer.”

2. “It is a unnecessary day that tells people love should be celebrated once a year rather than everyday. It has been turned into a gender affair to an extent that appears to be a day where men have to buy women gifts and if they don’t they are not thoughtful or loving. We often copy what we see on T.V and that takes away the fun in it. Let’s be spontaneous people and shy away from certain ideologies.”

3. “It is funny how Valentines love is shown through small presents such as chocolates, roses and lingerie. Well,  for some it’s an emotional and sexual gate pass. I will start celebrating it when we change that cliché of having a particular day to express our feelings. If I could have the power I would change it.”

4. “I love the energy around it. For people to publicly show their love and affection takes commitment, so it’s inspiring. So yes I do celebrate Valentine’s Day, why shouldn’t you?”

5.“To be honest this day is a wake-up call for others. If you are not a priority on that day then someone is. So wake up and smell the coffee. “

Well we believe Valentine’s Day is all about appreciating the ones we love. But let’s not limit it to a particular day. Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day throughout the year.