Urban Food Diary with Chef Zinzie: Lemon and Herb Chicken with New Potatoes

Bon Appetit!!!

Urban Food Diary with Chef Zinzie: Lemon and Herb Chicken with New Potatoes
Urban Food Diary with Chef Zinzie: Lemon and Herb Chicken with New Potatoes

Hey Guys.. The Urban Food Diary is back with your weekly dosage of simple home cooking, recipes you can try this week.

*Brekkie: Pancakes*
*Side Dish: Couscous salad*
*Lazy Dinner: Lemon and herb chicken with new potatoes*

Here is something the kids will love for either breakfast or dessert


You will need:
-1 cup flour
-1tbspn sugar
-1/2 cup milk
-1/2 cup melted butter
-dessicated coconut


-Mix all ingredients in no particular order leaving some cinnamon and dessicated coconut and
-Use a non stick pan
-Pour about a tablespoon  of your batter onto your pan and spread it around
-flip over
-fold or roll
*Chefs Tip : Sprinkle  cinnamon, dessicated coconut and drizzle 🍯 honey or chocolate sauce
*Chefs Tip : Serve with fresh strawberries or sliced bananas

Yes guys I know we’ve all made pancakes but the emphasis really is on making them light, developing a great flavor profile, and plating/presenting them well.

Couscous Salad

You can replace the couscous with millet (inyawuthi);just boil it till  soft
Quick and easy saturday lunch idea

You will need:
-Shimeji mushrooms (use button mushrooms if you can’t find these)
-Assorted diced peppers
-A balsamic reduction (or a salad dressing of your choice)
-Pomegrenate rubies
-Watercress or Parsley or Rosemary or Thyme
-Diced tomatoes
-A clove of garlic
-Sliced red onion
-Fetta cheese (Optional)

-Boil some water and soak couscous by adding just enough water to cover it
-Sauté your mushrooms, crushed garlic and diced peppers in the butter and season with salt and pepper
-In a bowl combine all the ingredients including the pomegranate, mushroom, couscous, olives, diced tomatoes and watercress and toss toss toss till everything is properly combined
-Drizzle your balsamic reduction and add your crumbed fetta
VOILA Saturday lunch done..

You can serve this at room temperature as either a side dish or the main, plenty of healthy veges, delicious and easy to make

Lemon and herb chicken with New Potatoes
The one pan plan

You will need :

-Baby potatoes
-Defrosted Chicken cuts
-Olive Oil
-White wine vinegar
-Himalayan or Coarse salt (freshly ground)
-Freshly ground pepper (it just tastes better)
-Grated ginger
-Crushed garlic (or not lol)
-Fresh lemon
-Fresh herbs ( I’d recommend rosemary, thyme, parsley or watercress)


-Parboil the baby potatoes in salted water

-Marinate the chicken (parboiled) in the olive oil, vinegar, crushed garlic , salt pepper and chopped herbs and grated ginger

-Add all the ingredients to a baking sheet, add salt, pepper,olive oil and your herb to the baby  potatoes as well

– Season your Avocado with the Himalayan salt and ground pepper and add a dash of lemon

Bon Appetit!!!