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Ja Rule strikes gold in Botswana


American rapper Jeffrey Atkins well known by his stage name Ja Rule left Botswana as a happy man after pocketing an amount close to 23 000 US dollars.

Sources state that Brand Botswana spent an undisclosed amount on the hip hop rapper with the hope that he would market the Botswana Brand and diamonds on his return to the USA.

Many social commentators and local celebrities were against the notion of the rapper being Botswana’s brand ambassador stating that Ja Rule has faded and has a a bad reputation to be Botswana’s brand ambassador.

Super model Emma Wareus shared her views on Facebook;

Wait, i’m sorry for being so behind but did Brand Botswana seriously pay Ja’Rule $23,000 to market OUR diamonds……? Ummmm… and then we wonder why successful Batswana in the world (some known and unknown) refuse and are so hesitant to want to fly their flag high. How discouraging. There are Batswana (both at home and abroad) who could have been better fit and Botswana could have pushed them to be better in the international arena while promoting themselves and the nation. And then we go on and sing the “support local” song but why? because it seems to be the norm that we take a step forward yet fall into a pit. *sigh* Why can we not move forward?…..I think we all know why. And don’t get me started on the P50BILL that is hidden in offshore accounts by our elites who have placed “initiatives” and so called policies put in place for the purpose of trying to “shut” us up by preaching that the nation gives to the people… I am truly livid. I love my nation TOOOOO much, that’s why i am so concerned”.

Source : Dumara Ncube Blog : http://t.co/H872XciBXB

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