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Music what does the future hold?


In life it is said nothing goes away until it has taught us something, in the fashion world it is said nothing goes redundant but it only recedes in the archives until it is needed again, but in the electronic world any gadget that loses taste with people slowly makes it’s way to the dust bin and soon people forget about the invention as the latest invention takes over.

Over the past years various gadgets have been used to record and store music some have had an impact on human’s life while some inventions were ordinary and didn’t make any impact. Changes have happened since the Thomas Edison invention of 1877 that made the commercial recording, distribution and sale of recorded sound easy it was the mechanical “phonograph” since that invention people have been inventing more developed gadgets for the love of music.

For those who are in they 50’s and early 60’s have lived through an entire revolution in both the recording and storing of music and it seems more changes are coming. Although the first recorded song was done a century ago people who wanted music in their homes made their own or if they were wealthy they paid others to sing and play for them. Then in the Victorian age the coming of the piano changed everything making music accessible to the middle classes. The discovery of electricity made it more interesting as the recording of sound bought a brand new dimension to home entertainment.

The phonograph of 1887.

At first it was the phonograph  then the gramaphone and eventually the radiogram at first all this gadgts were expensive but with each new development brought costs down and with time they were found in almost every home. By the 50’s and 60’s saw an explosion in new technologies firstly radio’s became portable and soon they were pocket –sized then battrey operated turntables allowed you to enjoy music anywhere it was in 1964 the four track compact audio cassette was introduced and eventually dominated the market. As all the new inventions made music more portable and as it allowed people to record they own selection of music it was an instant hit with people who lived during that era. In 1982 digital recording introduces the CD which took the world by storm suddenly tapes and records were out of fashion!.

The more portable cd’s took over and it was just a better idea in every way as people thought it was the last method in which music will be physically stored and sold the World Wide Web was introduced in 1992 that changed the look of things as it bought the internet to anyone with a personal computer and in 1993 the first ever music download website was launched and immediately everything changed as it allowed users directly download digital music files from the internet to home PC’s and home players such as iPods.

Today people are slowly adapting to the changes bought by the internet as people are now able to download music to memory cards, MP3 players, and laptops and well now music can be played using the cell phone without any hustle.

The cassette which became an instant hit

The coming in of the cell phone revolutionized how music is played as the use of memory cards have made everything easier with the use of the Bluetooth device people are now able to exchange music any time any where.

The cell phone has also made people to access radio channels easy while doing they chores without carrying the huge radios that were once famous in the 80’s. Am quickly reminded of the once famous walkman well the gadget used to rock my world I remember how I loved it and how it suddenly disappeared as the MP3 took over. The MP3 which is easy to carry and doesn’t require any bag of tapes as it has an inbuilt memory to store music. Although the huge difference the walkman is rated as the greatest gadget of the past 50 years by PC magazine.

With all the inventions that have been made for people to listen to music I wonder if all this latest inventions will one day turn to dinosaurs or this time we will use this inventions until forever what does the future hold in the music world?.