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Pole Dancer Bev back on stage…


Controversial adult entertainer, Beverly Sibanda who is getting ready for a major comeback in pole dancing after a three-month absence already has her hands full as she is fully booked for the next couple of weeks.

The famous entertainer recently bounced back into the showbiz industry after she had repented and traded the pole for church and her clothing business.

Bev quit her erotic dancing that catapulted her to fame in January, after being convinced by Prophet Magaya of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries to join his church. She was then offered a shop and a container of clothes as part of her repentance.

However, Bev made a sudden u-turn last weekend which saw her going back to her pole dancing business after probably realising that selling clothes was no joke as she was not gaining much from it.

Harperz Mapimhidze, Bev’s manager said a number of nightclubs were eager to have Beverly performing stating that the dancer had not quit church for good and would be attending often.

He confirmed that she was indeed back to her old business and had signed a number of contracts since Monday saying she was planning on travelling to South Africa to buy new regalia.

“Bev has been booked for a couple of performances in Harare and we have signed contracts that will see her embarking on marathon performances in the coming weeks. She will be travelling to South Africa for shopping because she says she needs new regalia for her performances,” said Mapimhidze.

Meanwhile, Bev’s rival Zoey’s “prophesy” seems to have come to pass as she said her repentance was a hoax and would not last long. When Bev announced that she was “born again”, Zoey said Bev was beyond redemption labelling her demon possessed.

“I said it from the beginning. I have worked with Beverly and I know her very much. She has some demon which torments her and she cannot live a peaceful life with other people,” Zoey was quoted saying.


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