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Suluman Chimbethu to release album this year


Dendera music flag-bearer, Suluman Chimbetu, has finally given the strongest hint yet that he will be releasing a new album this year.

Deliberately cagey about the actual timing of the release, Sulu had just one word when asked whether his fans should expect something new.

“Definitely,” he said without hesitation when asked whether his fans could expect a new album this year; and an affirmative cannot get any stronger than that!

The spawn of Dendera music legend Simon Chimbetu knows the album, his fifth since he started his own career, will carry greater significance in that it will coincide with a decade following the death of his father which is set to be marked next year.

“I haven’t got a definite name for the next album but what is certain is that it will be an eight track offering and that it certainly is out this year,” he said.

Sulu also revealed the three tracks that will definitely make it onto the track list whose themes are heavily loaded with the social commentary that has marked his style as arguably one of the best lyricists of present time.

“I shall have the song Nyuchi, which has been getting great responses from the crowds on the live music circuit,” he said.

“Basically the message on that track comes from the theme of a person who is being followed by one bee.

“In the song he enquires whether the bee is a sign that he has a sweet deodorant attracting it or whether he shall have guests at home or good monetary fortune.

“The latter two are premised on our traditional superstition about a lone bee pursuing someone.”

Also tried and tested on the live circuit is the song Skero, where a wife reminds her husband that she needs him to leave her some money so that she can take her child to the clinic to be immunised, a trek known popularly by the term kuSkero where the song’s name is derived from.

The third firm entry is Sekuru Benson, a personal tribute to the role that his grandfather played in raising the musical Chimbetu family.

The song is also a nostalgic look back, where he wishes the family patriarch were alive today to keep the family united and also offer wise counsel as and when required.

“The time is ripe to release the album and, though I am not currently at liberty to reveal the names of the people I collaborated with, I can reveal that I have quite a number of artistes that I have collaborated with on the album,” he said.


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