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The chosen one who suddenly became the sacked one in pictures…


With the news of David Moyes being officially axed as the Red Devils boss  yesterday people around the globe immediately  started working on creative animations of Moyo as he is nicknamed in Zimbabwe. Moyo as he is officially known by Zimbabweans has been subject to debate due to his poor coaching performance.

One of our resident entertainment writers today went around all social networking sites looking for the clips that had went viral on whatsapp and other pages to really give you David Moyes job loss after effects in pictures.

Speculation is already rife with some predicting the return of Fergie. Will this come true. Surely our writer has no clue on whats next with THE RED DEVILS…

Moyes life at Manchesterter United might have ended, but his cyber life started and promises to live on.We really do not know until when but he is making noise in social circles right now.

And the picture below was one of the favourite our writer handed us. He really loved this to bits. Looking at Arsen Wenger and Jose. kikikiki we all laughed to bits. Hahahahahahaha David Moyes going nowhere.


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And thats what he walked away with from the league…