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Treatment Of Local Artists After Uhuru Show Promoter Disappoints


Rapper Tatea DaMC bemoans the treatment of local artists by promoters after the goings-on after the Uhuru show.

We publish his Facebook post here unredacted. At the time of publishing, the promoters were not available for comment but we will get it as soon as we can.

At the Uhuru concert the local artists that had been billed to perform came out guns blazing and brought some serious heat from when a young crowd had gathered which was shortly after 9pm. All the opening acts thoroughly impressed and the crowd was amped and waiting for Uhuru, but only coz they had paid money to see them.. but the show the local acts put on them ready to go home before the headliner. And you know local acts always bring their A-game.

So Uhuru came in time time, did their thing and rocked and went back to their hotel rooms but the local artists were still there.
2.27am, empty beer cans in the fields, closing down music, barriers were being taken down, the capacity crowd that had been entertained cleared but ALL the local artists were huddled by a pillar freezing,having been told to go ‘wait there’ and guess what ?? for their money.

For several minutes there was a cat and mouse game between them, the stage manager and anyone who was thought to be an organiser because the person assigned to do the payments had dissapeared(sp).
Now gaya, uve come in, killed your set, partied and waited, and trust the weather was not friendly too only to be told, ‘mouya mangwana’ which becomes ‘ndibate monday’ which in zimbabwean terms ‘Zvadhakwa’.

I was hurt when i saw some back up dancers barely 18 sitting on a curb looking like street kids or vagrants apa they were the ones making people scream before Uhuru came out.

I eventually left because I had transport but I dread to think of how it was gonna be like if that was going to be the only money in my name. Imagine then hustling for a lift into town, then mutown macho combis arent safe these days so u gottta find a bhawa to crash til the morning, now youre spending the little you performed for and you get home with a flu and peanuts to that ‘saka urikuzviitirei lecture’.

Promoters need to have compassion at least, becuase businness ethics are clearly non-existant. We were celebrating the Independence of Zimbabwe from opressors and were treated like those that fought the Chimurenga before independence.

Inzwai wo tsitsi. As service providers im sure youve been through the same and understand how it feels. I doubt the money that had been agreed on was so much it wasnt made at the gate or bars or artists asked for too much coz im sure they wouldnt have the advertising. Most agreements state that the payment comes in before the artists get on stage but look at this from a perspective of another person.

These are your little brothers and sisters, you friends, your fellow countrymen, and you treat them like this?? I’m sure Uhuru will tell you it was a great show and Zim hospitality is the best but a Zim artist arikuchema.

Artists also need to ascertain their worth and not be treated like shit. Having been talked down to a fee lower than your set standard, let them know that that little money is YOUR money because you have delivered.

Yes Zimbabwean celebs are broke, but if the people of Zimbabwe dont support them who then will raise the Zim flag ???

Happy 34th Zimbabwe

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