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Another dancehall star in the making…


Watch the Video mukuwasha murasta by Tenmark di Souljahbwoy

Dancehall music has slowly become the most followed music genre in Zimbabwe. Hundreds if not thousands of our youths have been trapped by the genre which has produced outstanding and talented individuals in the music scene.

At first the genre  was only listened by a few but as time went by the rise of Winky D, Snipper , Killer T, Shinsoman, Guspy Worrior to name just but a few has seen the genre gaining popularity in every Zimbabwean street. The airwaves have been taken over by dancehall stars. It has proved to be a dawn of a new era in music circles.

This week we caught up with another buddying dancehall star Tendai Nesbert Makurumure who is better known as Tenmark di Souljahbwoy in the music circles. Spotting dreads the rising star has been waiting for the interview for a long time.  Time to tell the world about his talent and his love for music. We meet the rising sensation at a local restaurant in Bulawayo on his way back to South Africa where he is currently based.

Our conversation starts on a high note as we laugh of how we have grown and how we used to play back in the day. Reminiscing on our childhood moments nostalgia recollections of our past visit us as we start to build on a conversation filled with everlasting impressions. How did the young boy from Mount Darwin fall in love with dancehall from all genres? That’s one question that lingers in my mind.  It has been eight years since I last saw him and today becomes a great day in my life as we meet to discuss life after high school and a new found career.  A career in what many consider to be a doomed profession.

Q. Who Tenmark di Souljahbwoy?

Tenmark di Souljahbwoy was born Tendai Nesbert Makurumure in Chomagora village in Mt Darwinon the 11th of March 1989.The last born in a family of two girls and two boys.

Q. What type of music do you sing and how did it all start?

A.  I ‘am into dancehall music. It all started at Cyrene Boys High .We used to crush during weekend dancehall vs. kwaito that’s when people started telling me that i was very talented and i should go and record something. Soon after high school it became my dream to hear myself sing and people dance to my creativity and from then on I have never looked back.

Q. How many songs have you recorded so far and titles of your songs and how can people listen to your music?

A. I have done an album called PARUFU RWA SQUANDER, which is made up of  8 tracks such as parufu rwa squanda,summer timefeaturing my producer JT&TIEN SASCO,kuchukudza,ndangariro dzemface arambwafeaturing TIEN SASCO,tapindira featuring BEN TEN &SCOPION me nuh care, machichiman and mabhindauko. My music can be downloaded on sound cloud;they can search for Tenmark di Souljahbwoy.

Q. Parufu rwa Squander why did you give such a title and what do you think Lady Squander may feel?

A. In dancehall we sing about anything love, life and jokes. The song was inspired by a real life scenario some time last year when Lady Squander framed her death. I think she might be happy because that will also make her more famous. (Laughs)

Ternmark di Souljahbwoy

Q. Many local upcoming artistes bemoan lack of air play have your music been played on any radio station?

My music is going receive airplay soon. I have sent some cds to Star FM and I’m looking forward atsendingto all radio stations in Zimbabwe. Radio stations do not just play ordinary music but quality tracks so artistes must work extra hard in producing quality and entertaining songs.

Q. Who inspired you?

A. I got my inspiration from the Jamaicans (Chronix, Richie Spice, Octain and Charley Black) and locally (Snipper, Jay C and Winky D).

Q. What is your message to local artists?

I encourage them to be original it is the only way to make it in the industry. I have listened to some local musicians.

Q. Seunononga or Mawayawaya which one is the biggest jam and who is your favorite dancehall star?

Both songs are doing well I believe the musicians are game changers bringing they on touch that has left many dancing and the scene is actually breathtaking. I don’t have a favorite zimdancehall artist I just follow good music. I love and respect all artists.

Q. What do you think should be done to curb piracy?

A.  I think the first thing artiste should learn to use current technological shift. The era of Cd’s is long gone. The era of music bars is dead and buried. We are in a new revolution and we should learn to adapt using websites to market and sell our music. I also urge people not to be consumers of works sold by the guys in city streets.

Q. Single or Married?

A. Single eish i can say I’m married to dancehall music kikikikiki.

Q. Facebook / Twitter / Whatsapp?

A.  People can follow me on twitter @ souljahbwoy, Facebook tenmark di souljahbwoy.

For my music you can get it from sound cloud search for tenmark di souljahbwoy.

Q. Any last words?

Would like to thank family and friends who have helped me. Especially my producer J.T musicians I have worked with Tien Sasco, Ben Ten and Scorpion. And I promise our fans that more music is coming and they are going to love it.

K.T: Ternmark thank you for the time you gave us. We wish you all the best in your endeavors and have a nice journey.

Ternmark: My pleasure thanks

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