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Cde Chinotimba outclass comedians…


Joseph Chinotimba is a man of multiple talents. He is a politician of high acumen who has managed to bring development to his Buhera South constituency.

On several occasions, Chinotimba has managed to steal the limelight because of his bag full of jokes.

It was only normal for Harare International Carnival organisers to rope him in as the guest of hounour at Carnival Comedy Night held at Book Café on Thursday.

Joseph Chinotimba with socialite Makosi Musambasi


As expected, Chinotimba arrived early for the occasion in his trademark blue suit.

The jovial legislator was soon accompanied by Miss Carnival Gamuchirai Kujeke and her two princesses.

It was indeed a case of beauty and the beast!

The house came alive when the eccentric politician was whisked to his front seat. Ululations, raptures and whistles from the crowd was all Chinotimba needed to kick start his antics.

He grimed, exposing his tooth gaps as he waved back to the crowd.

Chinotimba seemed to be unsettled in the company of  a bevy of beauties.

After the stage was warmed up with clueless upcoming comedians who failed to impress, it was time for the honourable parliamentarian to shine.

The mere fact that Chinotimba took to the stage was enough to send audiences into delirium.

However, it was Chinotimba’s effortless sense of humour that made the crowd fall in love with him.

“I was in Beitbridge one of these days and a plane flew past. The people there started arguing, others saying it was that of President Robert Mugabe. They then consulted me and I told them that it was not of the president, because the president’s plane should have a motorcade,” said Chinotimba sending, the crowd into laughter.

The legislator went to share several jokes with the audience. Even the presenter, Doc Vikela, was impressed with Chinotimba’s stage antics.

The Member of Parliament showed that he is a man of many colours.

“If Chinotimba chooses to be a fulltime comedian, I will definitely pay my money to watch,” said an elated fan.

Source : The Zimbabwean Mail

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