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Culture Fund and Hivos Foundation Revive Artists Mobility Fund to 2015


The Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust is a not-for-profit organization whose vision is “a dynamic, diversified and sustainable Culture Sector imbued with Zimbabwean values and identity, which contributes towards wealth creation”. It contributes to the growth of the Zimbabwean culture sector through provision of finance and technical support.

In 2013, the Fund partnered with Hivos Foundation, the Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation, to launch a pilot of the Arts Travel Zim Mobility Fund. Due to increased demand for the intervention, the project is being extended and expanded into 2015 in order to give small travel grants covering Zimbabwe and the SADC Region. The partnership between the Culture Fund and Hivos has pooled US$47.400.00 together and is set to benefit Zimbabwean artists in 2014.

The Arts Travel Zim Mobility Fundaims to promote and facilitate the mobility of Zimbabwean artists and their products and productions while fulfilling the following objectives;

  • improve the creation conditions for Zimbabwean art including necessary mobility schemes for arts and cultural practitioners and artistic works that enhance intercultural dialogue and competences
  • facilitate provincial and trans-provincial arts and culture exchange in Zimbabwe
  • disseminate new principles that value mobility as a legitimate learning tool
  • promote the participation of artists at platforms of expression that provide opportunities to gain wider exposure and enrich creativity
  • access to new markets

Intended objectives will stimulate artistic movement through the generation of new exchange opportunities thereby targeting to enable as many artists as possible access to new markets, audiences and freedom of expression platforms.

The funds are only available for Zimbabwean citizens working within the arts and culture sector and will only support those who need travel within Zimbabwe and the SADC region. Application forms for Mobility Fund are downloaded from the Culture Fund website or picked up from the Culture Fund offices at 51 Harvey Brown, Milton Park, Harare. Detailed requirements for the fund application can be found at the back of the Arts Travel Zim Mobility FundApplication Form.

All applications should be submitted at least five weeks prior to travel dates.

The Culture Fund runs the biggest development programme for the Arts, Culture and Heritage in Zimbabwe. Its partners include the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the European Union, UNESCO, Hivos Foundation, the UNDP and the Government of Zimbabwe.

Source : Culture Fund Website. www.culturefund.org

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