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Musicians unite in fight against cancer


Tungamidzai Simango wife died of  breast cancer and that inspired him to engage fellow artistes to fight against the disease.

Simango has worked with urban grooves musicians Pauline Gundidza, Alishias “Maskiri” Musimbe and Muzimba and they have released two singles.

Tungamidzai Simango, Pauline Gundidza, Maskiri and Mzimba

“After I lost my wife in October to breast cancer I decided to take the campaign to all Zimbabweans and I decided to bankroll this project,” he said.
Recently they engaged the Ministry of Health and Child Care and the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe with their project.

“Recently we managed to perform at a cancer workshop hosted by the Ministry of Health and Child Care and they have shown their commitment in working with us to take the awareness campaign ahead,” he said.

He said they are working for a song that will also educate the kids about cancer.
“If we start to teach the kids then we can work positively to fight against the disease and create a free cancer generation,” said Simango.

Maskiri said the artists involved were happy about the idea and they decided to work with Simango on the project.
“As artists we have to take responsibilities and work with the members of the public in creating awareness campaigns so we are happy to be working on this cancer awareness campaign,” said Maskiri.

The “Wenera” hit maker said they will continue working on the campaign.
“The campaign is ongoing and we are working on a number of projects concerning that,” he said.

Gundidza had this to say “Organisations, members of the public and artists must united to create awareness  against cancer and we hope this campaign will spread to all parts of the country,”

These artists have taken the responsibility after the late musician Tongai Moyo who succumbed to one strain of the disease. After his death there was a campaign with a DVD released and other artists like Daniel Ngwira have been involved in the awareness campaign.

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