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15 World Cup RULES for WOMEN



My dear wife, the Fifa World Cup is starting today Let me give u a few rules that will preserve yo beauty and ensure a long lasting happy marriage……

world cup

1. The remote control belongs to me for the whole month.

2. Tell all yo friends not to give birth or wed or die during the World Cup or else hatiende.

3. You support the teams that i support.

4. No talking during the game, taimira half time or rapera.

5. Marepeat or highlights
are as good as the main match, so I will be watching them.


6. Scandal tingayiwone provided vanaShakira
nanaBra Eddie vakapfeka kit and futi varikubrazil.

7. Gara waziva kuti ndinenge ndichirara pasofa.

8. Ukapotsa maline Up, usandibvunza kuti, ‘uyo
Anonzi ani?’.

9. Decoder inotakurwa neni, inotsamirwa neni, inorara neni plus inoconnectwa neni.

10. No funny faces to my friends kana vauya kuzoona bhora.
Smile everytime EXCEPT kana team dzangu dzakabayiwa.

11. Make sure you dont ask silly questions like is this Man United Vs England.

12. There shall be no comments about Cristiano Ronaldo’s looks,professionalism shall remain an absolute part of the world cup.

13. Ronaldo the Brazilian and Ronaldo the Portuguese are not related,Zimbabwe and South Africa did not qualify.

14. No romance or sex during world cup except ndirini ndirikuda.

15. NOW MAY THE GAMES BEGIN. I love you mukadzi wangu