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Bambelela gives a Voice through Buddyz for love program.

Bambelela Arts Ensemble World Theatre Day In Pics!
Bambelela Arts Ensemble World Theatre Day In Pics!

Wild ululations and cheers as student got mesmerized by another brilliant performance by the outfit hailing from Matshobana a township in Bulawayo. At one would have thought the play on parade had something to do with what most young people would love. Romantic stories with twisted endings that will temper with a girls emotions, guns and fast cars that will bring a world of a young boys into happiness the gangster attitude.


The script that unfolded was a tale of drug and alcohol abuse. The girl child being stripped naked of rights. The boy child being fed on money and a good life by selfish women in our community. Hearts were torn apart as the narration played. Some wanted to hear more, some wanted to hear what will happen next.

The play opened up on how men at different spheres in our community take advantage of young people both boys and girls. What will our world be like if we have people with the Gumbura attitude still walk left, right and center day and night? Who will take care of us when every men or woman becomes a lion ready to have a piece of meat at every flower that blossoms? Asked one student as she gave us an interview after watching this performance.


Bambelela performed a scintillating performance on Thursday at Eveline High School and students were left with questions on what is becoming of our world and men. The program which is being supported by Patsime has seen 20 schools benefit from the free education. It is during the program that students have been taught about carrying about their lives and not being involved with drugs that leave them at risk of HIV/AIDS. The Play which had a cast of veteran stage master KhumbulaniMathe, stage super star Josphat Ndlovu, upcoming dynamites in form of TawandaMukoma and Bongelani Ncube.


Speaking to urban culxure Bongelani Ncube highlighted on how the program has helped him and the impact it carries to bring a positive attitude he says he now has information about certain issues from rape andf how to help those abused. society.

Buddyz 4 Luv Program is a Patsime Trust’s initiative that uses various forms of Theatre and Arts as a linchpin to innovative complementary approaches for participatory communication for social transformation with a thematic focus on HIV and AIDS and its various cross cutting issues.

Since its inception in 2002, through time and lived experiences Patsime has developed cutting edge expertise in using theatre and the arts to address HIV and AIDS issues expanding its activities beyond just the production of live and recorded edutainment programming to include capacity building programmes along with various partners who are employing similar strategies, which gave birth to its partnership with Bambelela Arts Ensemble to cover Bulawayo Metropolitan as a way of multiplying the efforts in reducing risky behaviour and combating HIV and Aids.

The program runs during the first and second terms of the school calenders, targeting to reach out to 20 educational institutions per term, per province.


Eveline students watching Bambelela give a skitillating perfomance.

On record Buddyz for Luv Project reaches up to 36 000 young boys and girls in 120 educational institutions in six provinces in Zimbabwe, with Bulawayo alone reaching an average of 11 00 last term. Patsime Edutainment Trust has partnered with EED and ICCO, Ministry of Education Arts and Culture and Bambelela Arts Ensemble are currently running a project on increasing reduction of HIV and AIDS risky behaviour among youth in schools called the Buddyz for Luv Project, with the main objectives of 50% Reduction in teenage cases amongst girls in the targeted schools and 50% Reduction in drug and alcohol abuse
in the targeted schools.


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