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From star brite to stardom…


A friend at High school gave me the name after seeing the hardships I had been gone through in making the big break, and said to me you are going miles you are going to be successful. The X comes from my name.

He appeared in the 2008 CBZ A Academy show, he was a very strong contender, although he didn’t take the big prize. He left an unforgettable footprint in the business of music. That made him go out to craft his trade, as it became a lesson on how to do it big.

2011 proved to bear better fortunes in his journey as he became runner up in one of Zimbabwe’s elite shows star brite he was among the stars. And with all that he remains a down –to earth- young man with a vision to see Zim music being accepted in all corners of the world.


Ex Mile

Singing has always been his love starting from a tender age, crafting makeshift stage and using cobs as microphones. As most young boys spent time turning stones into cars he turned sticks, and cobs to microphones empty containers to his dream drums.

His vocal prowess paid off as he made it to be a choir master at school and church.
As the fever of Bulawayo turning 120 years gripped the city, I sat with one of Bulawayo’s rising music magnets at one of Bulawayo’s finest restaurants.

The previous week he had performed here and I could tell by how the waitresses at this place looked at him. As we sat we talked about the 2011 experience before cutting to his latest offering that is gaining waves in local charts. Born in Mutare, 25 year old Xolani Ndlovu better known as Ex Mile is fast becoming Zimbabwe’s leading musician.As he brings his unique style to the music industry.

ex mile

Tell us how it all started?
It all started in my infancy. When growing up I would build up a stage using bricks and will take cobs and sticks to use as microphones. Myfirst real stage performance was when I was 9 at church, with the courage I got I never looked back. As the passion grew it came with responsibilities and when I was 11 years I was given the robes of being a choir master and from then I never looked back as my vocal power grew.
Ex-Mile how did that name come up?
A friend at High school gave me the name after seeing the hardships I had  gone through in making the big break, and said to me you are going miles you are going to be successful. The X comes from my name.
Memorable event in your career?
Performing at HIFA (2013) it was just amazing, had a chance to meet established names in the arts business Deep Africa daughter to Lucky Dube, Micassa and we had a chat. The recently held Africa day concert we also be imprinted in my heart I was honored to be part of the lineup nice and lovely.
In 2008 you were booted out of CBZ A Academy how was feeling after that?
I took it as a learning curve. It was fun and was young and got inspired after reaching the top 5.
Is there anything besides music that you are good at?
Am an artist I can do visual art, acting did a production with Iyasa last year.
Who inspires you?
I have a number of people I draw my inspiration from. Beyoncé I love the energy she has on stage, Sallif Kaita, Baaba Maal I had to meet him at Hifa (2013). Locally Oliver Mtukudzi, Dudu Manhenga, Africa Revenge back in the day. I love live music, I will never perform using a CD.
Being a musician is faced with hurdles and usually parents never support how did your parents take it?
They never gave up supportive, understanding my career and above all encouraging me in my ambition.
Most young musicians bemoan lack of airplay what’s your take?
It is all about how you take your music, you have to do the right thing. Don’t copy and make sure you are good at it force yourself and make it right. Airplay will come and every station will want to play your song.
Which instruments you use?
I use the Acoustic and Bass guitar, African Drums, hosho and Harmonic.
And who plays this instruments?
Acoustic guitar is played by the Ghetto Fabulous winner Zet Moyo, Bass –Reece, Percussion Butshilo and I play the hosho.


Any album coming?
We working on something.
Tell us about Star Brite?
It influenced my music got me publicity. Recognition got exposed as an artiste.
How many songs do you have?
I have an EP with 3 tracks, and they are all doing well.
: Lagos
: the Clique song

: Yozekhaya

T and yozekhaya have made it to Zifm top chart.
Three words to describe yourself?
Passionate, ambitious and loving.
Your last words?
I urge communities to support the arts industry attend shows and support local talent.
Social media?

fbEx Mile, twitter@iam_exmile


  Upcoming Show:

The Big Bowl Concert on the 28th of June 2014 at Bulawayo Theatre. All proceeds of the Show go to Emthunzini Wethemba Children’s Home.


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