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In the world of Marshal Elando Da General


Stand-up Comedy is suddenly becoming one of Zimbabwe’s leading entertainment genre, we all want to laugh and forget some serious things for a moment, we want to envision things at a comedians view point. Comedians have their way of looking at things and the world a way which is filled with humor and creativity. They attack social ills in a way that leaves everyone laughing instead of getting stressed and crying.

Elando Da General is a voice over artist ,stand up comedian & actor who always gives thriller performances more than Michael Jackson’s hit from the 80’s.

da general

It is during such shows that  comical gifted legends take a dig at men in our highest offices in a way that brings joy to the auditorium, it is always good to hear a comedian doing a copy-cat voice of the honorable minister or the man at the helm of any of our leading institutions we always feel good about it.

Making fun of people who are viewed as leaders is always something else and no one never wants to miss such an event. It is in this comics that some sexually provocative things are sung without anyone getting offended about it.


He started of being a comic genius in his childhood days, it all started off with himimpersonating voices of famous actors from local to the international scene. He became the source of his friend’sentertainment, as he was privileged to go and watch films at local cinemas and community halls now and again. Some of his friends knew some film lines from his own perspective.

Marshal didn’t only impersonate television legends but even stage actors who came to parade their works at school back in the day. He became a general of impersonating.
The love for art didn’t just die with age but grew to unprecedented levels he joined Bambelela Arts Ensemble a theatre (2009) it was during working with the group that his world opened up. It was during road shows done by Radio Dialogue that he met up with fellow stand-up comedian Clive Chigubu, he told him of his dream to become the next big comic genius.

At first Clive never believed that he would be a comically gifted man, but the young man proved to be a magnet as he attracted people from every end.
February 2013 will forever be an imprinted month in his heart, he was given his first set at Amakhosi under the leadership of Chigubu.Looking back was never an option for him he rose up and crafted a name for himself.

Just like wine which matures by the coming of each day so was Marshal’s life in the journey of Stand-up comedy. It was during the performances that he met Keith, Zwe and other comically gifted comrades. Building bridges with fellow stars have gave birth to an interesting comedy line up now and again.
The small world of Marshal is one which is crafted with different stones, not only is he a comedian but a model, actor and aspiring filmmaker. He is currently studying cinematography with a university in Botswana. His love for creative art has seen him work with a local producer on a cartoon show that is likely to make us hear the word maroosh a thousand times.

He is glad to be among a generation of comedy pioneers in Zimbabwe. He believes they will take the world by storm and bring fruits that will bring positive stories to the world.

and others

with Carl Joshua Ncube, Long John and Ntando

Marshal gives praise to his colleagues in the business Ntando, Clive, Long John, Zwe, Keith and all the comically gifted legends who are helping pioneer a different environment comically. It was during our chat with Marshal that he gave praise to his parents for the support they have all gave him in his ambition.

You can catch Marshal Preform at Umahlekisa comedy club later this month….


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