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Jah Prayzah uses Mobistore to hit pirates


MUSICIAN Jah Prayzah, riding high on the success of his latest offering, Kumbumura Mhute, has moved to minimise the waste on financial rewards caused by rampant music piracy in the creative

The ever-green artist last week put up his music on local internet based sales platform Mobistore.

The platform ensures his music is available for his appreciative public online while it will not be reproduced for free by pirates who have crippled the music industry.

Announcing the ground-breaking development at the signing ceremony, Mobistore chief representative Leonard Mafati said the deal would reap immense benefits for both artiste and the fans.

“The reason piracy is rampant is that there is poor availability of music and the piracy market has a ready supply of music,” Mufati said.

“Now Jah Prayzah’s music will be available for sale on the online platform and they will pay online and have the music of the people they love on their mobile phones.”

Mobistore works much like I-Tunes and allows people to purchase music online with the local Mobistore platform.

It allows those who install the application on their phones to purchase music even via local payment platforms such as Ecocash, Telecash, Textacash, and One-Wallet.

The music can also be purchased via international platforms including visa and Mastercard.

The initiative allows music to be played exclusively by the buyer since such purchase is married to the phone or device on which the purchase has been made.

“Once the music has been purchased, the music is encrypted and married to the phone or device through which the purchase has been made.

“However, since it is encrypted, one cannot send it to another person to play because they may send the song but it will refuse to play since it is tied to the gadget,” added Mafati.

That then helps musicians get a commission on their music while those who purchase it can do so at nominal rates which will see the music being purchased for little more than ten cents per song.


Jah Prayzah was relieved at the prospects of finally reaping benefits from his creative enterprise.

He implored fans to support the initiative.

Other artistes that are available on the platform include Thembalami, Zimpraise, Killer T, Celebration Choir.

However, top artistes like Oliver Mtukudzi have not hidden their interests to also take a ride on the platform.

Mobistore will also be a platform for the sale of merchandise, online books, wallpapers, videos and applications.



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