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A nation where talent is being silenced…




DR TJOVO – The film Doctor.

A week ago Tjovo was among the dignitaries at the official launch of the film The Bicycle Thief. The atmosphere was exhilarating for the doctor the snacks were good whoever prepared them made me love to go back to basics having Amadora/ caterpillars, and groundnuts. We all waited patiently to watch the film which stars raw talent some names we have never heard before, new to the business of the arts and above all people we have hardly saw on the big stage for that I give a thumps up to the directors for crafting new names for our fading television and film industry which has been known for certain names.

It was good that we didn’t see Percy Soko again not that he is a bad actor but we have had enough of him of late. It was good for us to be introduced to Ronald Sigenca, Nomvelo Khoza, Eva Shoniwa, and oh my god I saw Mr. Mazhambe I have known this man from the dusty streets of my hood while he was still a soccer goalkeeper oh! that’s what we want new talents emerging.

Although a question popes up what’s next for all this stars.Our country has a tendency of turning a blind eye on rising talents, some of our producers have the audacity of crashing talents at times by reaping all the hard earned cash to their overgrowing bellies. At times you hear of poor remuneration and it is one thing that make some back off and take a sabbatical leave from active show buzz. I hope that all the stars I saw on Friday will be the new players in our  film,industry.

Tjovo’s Questions of the Night
There are a million a questions that reel my head about the Night. First being about the City Father who I didn’t see, well according to the program he was supposed to grace the event and with the research I did the guys from The culture productions had been told that the Hon. Mayor was coming Mr. Mayor why didn’t you come to such a prestigious event in your city?

All this goes on to show how your office at times undermines the business of the arts in your city and communities. It was going to be good to support such creative imaginations as the city celebrates 120 years. The other questions is where the hell are Zimbabwean companies I can’t believe that not even a single company managed to get advertising space if we were in Hollywood I tell you that banner would have been eaten up by all those big brands.

Where the hell was Prince Snake Zulu?
In the other premier Night news the legend Prince “Snake” Zulu was at no show. We all thought it was that moment he was to redeem his career which seems to be fading away. Until the last Limousine I waited with other artistes and directors looking forward to see the man but unfortunately he was at no show.

As the actors of the film went on stage I thought that the Amakorokoza star will appear with the rest of the cast, to introduce himself to the world, it was unfortunate that again he wasn’t around. As I love snooping and asking questions about anything that seems weird I asked what had happened to the legend.

The rumor mill was awash that Snake was arrested for touting a job he has denied ever doing to the public. It is according to the source that it is believed he was arrested in the morning at his usual base Harare Road, and wasn’t released on time to attend the premier. It is one other thing that shows how our talented brothers and sisters have been neglected with so much talent we can’t continue to see them suffer like this. Can someone start working please.

Mother and daughter combination rocks the night.
She drove her way to the Bulawayo theater with other film stars driving her own car. The moment she stepped out to the red carpet. Immediately I saw something familiar with her face, I saw Sarah Mpofu walking, the excitement in the balcony made me believe that she was the daughter of the legend.

Beautiful and elegantly dressed indeed it runs in the family. If we had fashion police during the event am sure the mother daughter dress code will have got an award and no fashion police attendant will have dared to talk ill about their dress-code.

Almost everyone was dressed for the event and another thing the doctor saw was love the film assistant director Julian Tshuma and his wife rocked also that was indeed a perfect match made in heaven. As am a sucker for love i just couldn’t stop at staring at the pair.

And then some People are talented…
Every moment he takes to the stage everyone laughs from all stage plays right through to television productions he is a talented legend. I recently watched his antics on the play The civil Servant by Thabani H Moyo let me tell you that he comes from another planet were creativity is manufactured day in and day out. Josphat Ndlovu showed us yet another side of him in the film I loved every bit. The young man Ronald Sigenca can you continue at your tender age I believe you have done so much many of us have failed in the arts sector. That was indeed wonderful comrades.

Parting Shot.
In general the premier was a blast for me I know we always have different ways of seeing things with the limited resources our sector has at least someone tried to work on something and give a production to the world. As I end my article I would like to end with a question by Rev. Paul Bayethe Damasane: Who says the arts should be cheap? Some have always wanted some of  the arts products to be sold for peanuts but are we not killing and silencing creative talents by selling art products for less? Till next week keep it here.

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