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Music, Drugs and Alcohol


If it were up to me, I would rename this article Ezomculo, Izolo legas hook up with my homies Marshal Elando, Ras Madoski, Mjox and Clive Chigubu for one hell of a super real comic story but hey, I got to stick to the rules and today my article is about Music, Drugs and Alcohol.

From Killer T appearing visibly drunk on interviews to Winky D singing anti-drug and alcohol songs this topic will always be a winner in the media be it in a positive or negative light. The most recent headline even if it does not involve any musician is about the drunk girl who set her clothes on fire in a club.
Most popular music often celebrates excessive drinking as a super cool, beneficial pastime even highlighting select brands in lyrics and videos. It is almost always in a positive light and its negative impact such as alcoholism and violence are rarely portrayed.

Such a portrayal of alcohol and drugs has convinced most upcoming musicians that smoking weed and drinking alcohol is part of an artist’s lifestyle. This is highly evident in musical events and celebrations involving many artistes.

Most artistes will be high and jovial acting like old friends on their first encounter praising one another and making plans with artistes they won’t even remember among others. I have to give it up to alcohol though. Friends are easily made and the environment is always light and fun, unless if a nasty fight breaks out.

Being drunk or high is fun. The feeling is so good an artiste sees things differently artistes create and compose hits in the studio, one rocks on stage and the crowd responds more positively blah blah blah. Fact is, this is a self-defeating misconception most artistes think they need drugs alcohol to fuel creativity but they don’t it’s actually the habit of drinking or using that keeps one hooked. Part of it also to do with the pleasure Center of the brain that the chemicals impact perhaps tricking them into thinking that they compose or perform better when drunk or high.

Musicians also drink or use to escape from their own minds. Successful artiste’s addictions are fueled by anxiety and the overwhelming pressure of dealing with the press and large audiences. Whereas for struggling artistes it is a getaway for them and an outlet to live out their fantasy of becoming great stars. Simply put the two most possible motivations for drinking or using drugs is are to self-medicate and to enhance imagination.
Drugs do fuel creativity but dying from them does not. I give these substances credit to their contribution in the untimely deaths of many gifted individuals like Whitney Houston, Jimmy Hendrix, Brenda Fassie and Amy Winehouse to mention just but a few.


Too much cocaine & cigs Amy Winehouse.

Within the music community alcohol and drugs are discussed freely and musicians should know better because they confront drunk or wasted people on a regular basis and they even perform for them.

They also know the health hazards, negative impact of prolonged drinking and using in one’s musical career the symptoms and result of being high which include recklessness, which in turn leads to drunk driving, unprotected sex, violence, robbery and ultimately death.
Therefore no matter how much information is disseminated awareness is raised real life incidents are witnessed it lies absolutely in the musician to take heed and decide whether to slow down, quit alcohol and drugs or just be another statistic.

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