Hip hop is a very interesting and controversial culture, some people love yet some people hate the hip hop culture. The two groups have their reasons. In this text is an outline of the culture of hip hop, its origins and some reasons why society has different perceptions about the hip hop culture.

The hip hop culture was invented in the United States of America, in Bronx by a Jamaican D.J called Kool Herc.It is believed that Herc and other black D.Js helped spread the culture of hip hop. The hip hop culture consists of rap which is a form of music which emanates from the hip-hop culture. Rap music deeply originates in ancient African culture and oral tradition, from this perspective it is right to say that hip hop originated from Africa.


Kool Herc

However some sectors may beg to differ. The popular hip-hop culture consists of various components; these include emceeing, deejaying, graffiti and break dancing. The hip hop culture also has its own dress codes, language and ways of viewing the world. The music side of the hip hop culture is associated with social commentary, highlighting social inequalities.

On the other hand it is associated with portraying women as sex objects and promoting drugs, violence and other negative social acts. Despite the negative aspects of hip hop, in some societies it has however took the children off the streets due to its lucrative character and has enabled the people in oppressive societies to challenge the status qou.


This is just a brief text about the hip-hop culture, next time I will be highlighting in detail some of the segments in hip hop in the hip hop culture.

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