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The power called Music…

Inspiring Rhymes With Mr.Millionz
Inspiring Rhymes With Mr.Millionz

Let us talk about a force which I believe pre – existed the creation of the world, and has stood the test of time; from generation to generation,nothing seems to beat its power and influence.


It’s in us,in everything we do, around us and its power is unprecedented.
Both the young and the old partake of its dosage and are motivated,inspired or uplifted.
It really does not matter the situation  one may find themselves in
The sad and mourning are cheered by its prowess:thus you find it at funerals just to give an example.
The jovial are elevated to higher realms of ecstasy; hence you find it at weddings,parties and celebrations and of course in the House of The Lord
Once you get a hold of it, you are set to go.

Your mood  changes depending on the chords and the message being hammered and translated. Am sure perhaps you are wondering what it is I am talking about; or perhaps you have guessed what it is, whatever the case Music is what makes the world go around and around. It is found in various homes; those of the rich and famous, politicians, the middle class, and those who are yet to excel to greater glory.
Classified into different genres and types it’s magnetic hooks traces back to Bible days when the children of Israel where held captive by Babylon who required them a song,the African American slaves would sing in their masters plantations just to get energy and inspiration to get to the next day.God the creator is the originator of this awesome power and enjoys it when his children sing unto him.
Music gives hope and a longing for a brighter day. Hence it doesn’t really matter your preference. Music is got your back. I am going to take you on a musical inspirational journey with the goal of entertaining,informing, educating and of course inspiring you to do more and to instill ambition in you such that you will become a believer in music if you where nothing but a non believer.

The very fact that you are still reading this tells me that you have found something of interest and of benefit; I promise not to disappoint. My Rhymes are elevated and will live you so captivated.