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Last Week of Generations – Down memory lane.


Chaos, Drama, Love , Scandal ,Hatred and Lies are surely one of the key themes that made the popular soap generations a marvel to watch. Not ony did all the themes end on screen but according to what has been happenning in recent weeks all this and more has been happenning behind the scenes as confusion and chaos ruled the scene.

Zimbo’s have loved the soap to the extent that some have been inspired by some of the leading soap actors and actresses. This week will see Generation which has been in our screens for the past 2oyears take a sabbastical as a new story line with a new buch of actors is being finalised.

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About Generations…

The show debuted on 4 February 1994 and made television history as the first soapie to be produced, written and directed by black South Africans.

A South African soap opera which first aired on SABC 1 in 1994. It was created and in produced by Mfundi Vundla.


The backdrop of Generations is the advertising industry, with a storyline that celebrates the dreams and aspirations of South Africans. As in all soaps rivalry, treachery and blackmail between siblings and friends and foes alike make Generations one of the most forceful dramas South Africa has ever produced. Suspense, intrigue and tension are the order of the day as the plot unfolds and romance influences relationships between warring parties. Its just the reality of the present generation’s life style of the present decade.


In 2008, the show’s producer Mfundi Vundla snubbed the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA) by rejecting any nomination for the soapie and its dazzling stars. Vundla has apparently taken the fight back to SAFTA, who had snubbed him by not having a single winner from Generations the previous year despite the fact that it was, in his opinion, the best soapie on local television and allegedly boasts some of the best actors in the country.

In a letter addressed to his staff, Vundla reportedly requested that they do not attend the awards function “to avoid creating the impression that Generations in any way supports SAFTA… ”. Vundla also criticised the judging procedure for not being properly administered or transparent and said politics influenced the adjudication process. Vundla complained that certain nominations were “inaccurate or simply absurd”

In August 2014, 16 of the actors were fired after being on strike for 2 weeks due to higher wage raise and three year contracts.


The show has had changes in the opening sequence, most notably the change in the title music of the show. The 2007 change from the original Jonas Gwangwa composition, followed by Mandla “Spikiri” Mofokeng‘s theme music. The current title music is by Trevor Jones.

Five of the most amazing scenes from The soap…

5. Ngamla’s softer side– Sibusiso Dlomo (Ngamla) had always been crude and a feared man until he got married to Ntombi. We got to see his loving and lighter side during that time.

4. Karabo and Ntombi catfights– These two were frenemies, one moment they were good friends then the next they would be fighting (physically) over Sibusiso. Karabo got married to Sibusiso briefly and it was Ntombi who ended up with him after things didn’t work out with Karabo.

3. Priscilla and Archie’s love story-Their relationship was filled with some power struggles and class issues but they kept us glued to our TV screens with their chemistry. When she died Archie was lost without her

2. Senzo and Jason kissIt caused a lot of uproar with praise and criticism. It was received with mixed feelings but it made an impact to the soap.

1.Mawande goes crazy– After her daughter Noluntu drugged her the scenes with Mawande going mad were very popular.

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