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Zimbabwe Television a national disgrace…



DR TJOVO – The film Doctor.

Not so long ago watching television dramas used to be every young man’s dream. It was back in the day that mothers will stop us from watching television before taking a bathe. It was during some of the days that stiffer bathing conditions were instilled, heartbreaking was the situation as some will at times miss interesting dramas and favorite cartoons due to the habit of not playing with water in the bath tub on time all this things happened not so long ago.

I remember vividly how talking about yesterday’s drama episode or the late night film made you a class hero of some sort. It was back then that ZTV mattered to us. It was back in the day that television adverts made us laugh out loud. It was in the day before ETV and the SABC’S robbed ZTV of viewers and made it be called dead BC in some sections.

In recent weeks I have watched ZTV with hope that the good old days will again come, but what am stuck with are memories of the good television. I can’t continue being a sucker for foreign produced work. We rely on foreign television stations for edutainment ZTV is supposed to be our national pride.

Poor programming and repeats are some of the things that have suddenly become daily bread at the national television. In one of the sad realities of the broadcaster is the continued repeat of Intwasa arts Festival clips of 2012. Hallo! we are in 2014 and in a few weeks time we will again gather for the festival can you continue giving us something of two years ago repeatedly in that clumsy manner.

You keep on taking us way back in time in all your programmes, its either news hour or what you never stop talking about liberation battles, we are never stopped to know about the liberation battle as some of your products are dedicated to that. We all know some went to war to liberate this country but can you continue feeding me with that news every day.

Dear chief programmer if you happen to be they can you please help my children watch good motion pictures. Imagine some of your products are an exact copy cat of one another just look at Zvavhanhu and African Pride, according to me the only difference is that the latter is produced in English. The other thing that boggles my mind is the same anchors are used while at Zvavhanhu Vimbai Chivaura and company blast the queen’s language but when on African pride the same people flow with English. Oh!my God do you realize you are confusing some of us. Why didn’t you find a different pair of presenters? Mr. Programmer can you wake up so I watch ZTV with pride.


Another disturbing thing with you ZTV is the repeat of Nigerian movies imagine I watched some of those boring movies long back before it was Nollywood, I believe even the actors of the movies have forgotten that they worked on the productions. Why are you snubbing Zimbabwean films? For movies made 10 years ago.

My heart is shattered on how the broadcaster has dismally failed to keep up with the 21st century world. Am heartbroken of how the broadcaster has failed to make us proud and happy. Am worried of how some individuals are sleeping at work and how some are taking more than their can handle and making their bellies grow big while we remain unentertained and being suckers of foreign television stations. Is this indeginasation or Zim Asset?

Please can we help our people watch real Zimbabwean stories of the 21st Century not some things that made some of us love television back then, can you create content that will make our children watch TV without being worried.


Local film reviews where are they?
Entertainment journalists can I for a little bit visit your offices and step at your toes. We have seen film premiers in Bulawayo and other cities but we have never read a review from your publications are you guys sleeping at work or something is wrong. At first some of you make demands to come and cover events and what we get from you is nothing. Even if the film was crap for you can you please tell us so we know?
Fortune Tazvinga’s Film Inhlanhla was premiered 2 years ago and up to this day and age we haven’t had a review, rEbel Film productions premiered Moonlight cross in May this year and well we haven’t had your take about the production and a month ago the bicycle thief was premiered and the same story goes on.

We won’t mind to have a review that will make film producers bring sanity to their work because some of them take us for a ride at times.
Till next week keep it here.

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