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Making Moves…


At times most gifted and talented people don’t seem to believe in themselves always  guessing  and awaiting to hear second opinion.


Stop seeking man’s approval
God endorsed you
When he gave you that gift
Make moves


And be the best you can
No one else can do what you do
The way that you do
Be original
The best of you
First rate version of yourself ,than a second rate version of someone else.

You are peculiar
One of a kind
Hence you don’t share your fingerprints with anyone else
Don’t take hid to the nay Sayers
You can do it

Just believe in yourself
Compete with number one
Thus outshine your yesterday
Aim for your brighter better tomorrow
The difference between the recording artist and the one that is dreaming of doing the same is making moves towards fulfilling ones dream
The time is now

There is room and an audience for your voice
After all we all have a story to tell in our own unique way
Go ahead and tell your story
Make moves