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Bags of class: women and handbags


Handbags like shoes are there to complete an outfit. With a well planned and matched outfit with matching accessories and gorgeous pair of shoes,a gorgeous handbag will just be, the cherry on top and you are good to go.Every woman should own a purse to keep her bank ,credit and debit cards,ID and cash.



Imelda Moyo

Handbags are there basically for storage for daily essentials like face wipes ,sunscreen,lipgloss,make up kit and deodorant and other essentials one can need for a particular day.There are three types of handbags every woman should have.

Courtesy of Big Buddha/Zappos
Courtesy of Big Buddha/Zappos

This is usual a big classy everyday bag. If you are purchasing your first everyday handbagthe ,best color would be black because it’s a versatile color and can be matched with particularly anything.Tote bags are astonishingly cute and are affordable yet classy and elegant.The good thing about a big bag is the fact thatit can store anything and you are bound to never forget anything.One can carry this bag to work,a business meeting,out shopping and to church.

This is basically a sling bag or a cross shoulder bag and it is basically easy to carry and very cute.It is ideal if you are going partying with your friends,going to a braai or shopping,or even site seeing .When one is buying their first satchel bag, a bold color or a multi colored bag would be ideal.This would make it easier to match any outfit and it will help to lighten up the mood.Also one dress the bag up and down.That is by dressing it up,one can actually wear a bright color or colors to complement the bag.Or one can dress it down by wearing either dark,pastel or earthly colors.
There are three words that best describe this kind of bag,elegant,classy and portable.These bags never go out of fashion and one can invest in this kind of bag.The expensive the better because it can last you a life time.This kind of bag is known as a hand’s best friend and is absolutely gorgeous no matter the shape and the color and it’s a MUST have.Itis the ideal bag when one is planning to paint the town red with theirfriends,to a wedding, a cocktail party or to a black tie event.

*When buying a bag,buy the one that catches your eye first because it’s the one you are most likely to take home
*When storing your tote bags,puteither papers or a clean towel inside the bag,so that they do not lose their shape.
* Rather invest in a good handbag that will last you a life time than buying cheap bags that you will have to replace from time to time.
*Black is not the only color, buy other colors,the more colors you have the better.
*Never over load your handbags,it shortens their life span

Imelda Moyo is a journalist by proffession,She holds a Diploma in Mass Communication and is currently a Media student at ZOU.She is also designer and have a massive passion for fashion.for your views and suggestions Imelda can be contacted at [email protected]

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