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Let him who wants to blow his whistle blow it.


Bulawayo is the City of Kings and Queens, so why should it be a problem when one proclaims herself Queen of Kwaito, King of Bubblegum music or whatsoever. Do you blame the artistes for crowning themselves? Who will if they don’t? For the masses are influences by the media, and the media is hugely unfair to them.

Why would people blame the artistes for being bitter? They have tried their best to please Djs, audiences, promoters but to no avail. The poor artistes have tried their level best to change the situation. From trying ‘professionalism’ to shouting and advocating for unity fruitlessly and back to working by the rule. Don’t they know that too much work and no play make Jack and Jill dull individuals?

These artistes have been tirelessly searching for a solution for so long. What if the answer was under their nose all along? What if the change they have been talking about is Rebellion and Controversy as the cherry on top? If advocating for unity has not worked, why not try the opposite ? Why demand attention when simple chaos can turn the whole nation’s eyes to Bulawayo?

Time to pat one another on the back is over. Pretending to be united for a similar cause and being polite to one another has not worked. So let the true colors show. No more referees and white flags. Those who talk about meetings, excuse the artistes! That’s long overdue.

Rebels have always gotten attention even at school. Let the Rebellion begin. Let the bulls fight and lock horns without being labeled as disunited. There is no need for unity. Each individual is hustling for fame, money, success, respect, and most of all survival. Let the silent assassins strive in their silence. And let the loudmouths rip and tear each other apart.

The nation is in chaos. Politicians are ripping each other apart, scrambling and grabbing every seemingly available opportunity that comes their way. So who are Bulawayo musicians to be busy trying to unite against a cause that affects them differently as individuals? I beg, shine your eyes wooh!

Bulawayo for once, why not turn the industry into a circus so as to draw in the audience and media? Chaos have been getting good publicity over unity. Why not give the media a field day, month or even year instead of trying to hold on to unpaying respectable images?

Some of the artistes will say that they won’t stoop that low. Well my question to them is how can one even stoop low when he/she is being kicked whilst lying down?

This will be relevant to the affected and unsettling to the irrelevant. After all, grannies become uneasy when old bones are mentioned. Food for thought

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