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Music Videos: Quality Coverage and More

Andy Cutta
Andy Cutta

Ever since the emergence of Andy Cutta in the business of Music video production. I have watched with much awe and have been mesmerised by the sudden need by every artiste to have that Channel O  quality video standard crispy clean,top notch , blue screen and what not.

Andy Cutta
Andy Cutta changing and shaping the film business.

With bars being raised and money a sixties song for most Bulawayo musicians, could other artistes be building castles in the air. Castles which will crumble and leave one too many biting the dust i wonder.

This is the city of Kings and Queens we are talking about. A place where we chase moves, relationship and the people you know make up the game and drive a better bargain than money itself. At the moment fast dominating Hip-Hop takes the crown in outstanding videos. Videos so good haters bleed whilst they go shine at the awards.

Most upcoming musicians think that a video is a way of making one an instant celebrity can make one’s single sell thousands of copies or go viral online. Truth is most of the time money put into making a video is not recouped. A good video can make one heard on a mass scale. It will put one’s song into the ears of many listeners who would otherwise have not taken much heed to one’s song on radio ignored that link on social media platforms. People can ignore all that but not one’s face popping up on their favourite TV channel. If the video is really good people will be more open to one’s markerting in the future.

A not so good video can be costly to one’s career and it can have disastrous results. For instance if one has a hit song which is well received by listeners and yet does a half baked video which is not up to standard that individual, will lose fans and their belief on the artiste. On the other hand that video can work to the advantage of an upcoming artiste. That is if he is to good to the extent  that he outshines his bad  video. A promoter or agent might spot the talent and upgrade it, however it is advisable not to take chances at all because one wont get loyal fan or followers.

In the quest to fame and yet riddled with financial restraint some artistes who have failed to rope in the trending directors in video business have opted for D.I.Y technique. A good camera,software a bit of this and that then one is good to go. The problem is if one tries so hard to imitate something good without proper knowledge, resources and equipment the result is usually pathetic. Most of such videos lack proper scripting and since they will be done at zero budget there wont be relevant props or proper set. Therefore they wont have the desired effect or result.

Most upcoming artiste also do videos for the sake of having one. There are many videos stored in peoples laptops and harddrives becaue the artiste dont know what to do next. The videos are never seen on television let alone online yet the internet is one of the most cheapest and efective tol of marketing one’s product.

People have mixed views and reasons why some videos  are not on TV. Some artiste no longer have belief in our national broadcaster and they now under estiamte its imapact or viwership partly because of DSTV and its flashy Channel O,MTV base and Trace. I think its a far throw for one to overlook ZTV because one does not become famous over night and if an artiste fails to impress his/her own nation,let alone meet ZTV standards how will that person be able to impress Africa and the world at large? its good to dream big but at times one has to be practical.

Dear Artiste as for the attitude towards ZTV,i urge artistes not to hide behind hearsay and claim that their videos are not played on ZTV when they have not even submitted their work, just because so and so’svideo was rejected or was not played does not necessarily mean that yours wont be played too.

To those with piles of videos stored and unrealeased is it pride or is it not alllowed for musicians to sell their own works?Iam asking just because at the end of the day one will be broke yet he/she has a good product rotting at home. Remember my fellow artiste money does not have to come from stage perfomances only and it is not airplay only that guarantees one’s fame.

Times like these call for innovation and with creativity already so high i think its time to remove those coats of pride and work like slaves to be kings and queens in our music industry. Nothing comes on a silver platter and it does not only mean you should just work hard work smart too.

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