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The Mindset the hub of productivity…


To introduce my text, I would like to extract words from the bible which talk about thought process. It is written in the book of  Proverbs 23:7

“That as a man thinketh in his heart so is he”.Prov: 23: 7

Inspiring Ryhmes with Mr.Millionz
Inspiring Ryhmes with Mr.Millionz

This lets me know that we are the masters of our own destiny regardless of our surrounding, political environment and nationality. The reality is that no government was designed to make anybody rich or a success,neither does any government owe anybody anything;in essence the people are the one that owe the government;anyway that is a discussion for another day.


The way one views themselves is of paramount importance than to what people think of them: after all you are addressed by the way you carry yourself.
Mindset according to me is what differentiates between the successful musician , Artist, Band and business person. Oliver Mtukudzi,Audius Mtawarira,Family Voices etc. All these internationally acclaimed musicians have one thing in common, a positive mindset and outlook in life.

FAMILY VOICES  talent,confident and positive
FAMILY VOICES talent,confident and positive Pic: www.facebook.com/ family voices”official”

For the most part what you think shapes your desires which gives birth to action and translates to character. It then is important to have mentorship some one to look up to,who would have achieved greatly and inspires you to do more:thus means one ought to study the thought process of their mentor and emulate what they have done, or are doing placing them at the top and pick of their game.

KEEP calm and think positive
KEEP calm and think positive

Making music is all about believing in yourself and having confidence in self and telling yourself that you are the best: thus work on out shining your past. I have always heard that the mind is the battle ground, once you conquer the mind you can conquer anything.

mind 3

I dare you to have a positive mindset and double dare you to have good thoughts about you and your musical dreams and ambitions despite the pressing challenges.
Someone once said Don’t compare your behind the scenes to other people’s highlight reels, focus on doing you anything is possible.