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The power of Commitment…

did you achieve any of your resolutions?

It is interesting to note that every beginning of the year people set goals and resolutions they hope to achieve and fulfil.Sadly not many of them get to realise and achieve their desired goals, probably due to various factors.

“Everything rises and falls on leadership,”Dr. John C. Maxwell


The aspects are numerous, for some is a lack of Leadership, commitment, life’s pressure, and distraction and for some it’s just a lack of discipline and vision.
What do you dream of? In your wildest imagination, what do you see yourself doing? Now, what is standing between you and that dream? The answer is leadership.

“Everything rises and falls on leadership,” says Dr. John C. Maxwell, “butknowing how to lead is only half the battle. Understanding leadership and actuallyleading are two different activities.” What many fail to realise is that setting goals is for every one however commitment and leadership is what sets apart winners and failures.

Commitment is sticking to your guns regardless of the opposing voices and contrary voices, while leadership is being in control and on top of your game no matter what life throws at you. The big question is which circle do you belong to is it the winners and victors or failures and losers?

How many of this passing year’s resolutions did you achieve and shelf and how many did you forget about? Be true to yourself when responding.

Did you achieve any?

Whatever the case, you will discover that change is inevitable; the sooner the better. Look around you, are the people you’ve invested most of your time adding value or subtract, do they inspire and push you to achieve your dreams and goals or they are just parasites sucking the blood line from you.

Many a time people don’t live up to their potential due to the company they keep, proving true the verse of scripture which reads “Be not fooled bad company corrupts good morals” the company you keep reflects who you are.
Be committed, stay focused and be in control after all you are the master of your destiny.

Commit on being than on having, be principled and refuse mediocrity; never give up on what you set your mind to do, after there is no body like you in all the earth, thus don’t robe the universe of the investment of your personality.