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The Birth of a Comic genius…

Valotykki on Stage
Valotykki on Stage

Just like grass emerging from the ground and showing off its first leaves like we have begun to notice this rainy season, there are some young talents that unexpectedly spring up when we least expected. The fact is we are all born with this little bubbly ball inside of us called talent. But it is a pity not all of us want to harvest from our god given talents –we tend to bury it in the driest of soils and starve it of water needed to grow it.

Then there are those like the new kid on the block, Valotykki, who couldn’t resist the urge to explore his hidden talent and show it to the world. He feels comedy is what he was born to do. This past Sunday, after years of hiding his comic ability, Valotykki held his first public comedy show at Amakhosi’s Plays on Sunday. And likewise Urban Culxure was there to witness this birth.

The show, titled MY GAY FRIEND, started around 4pm and the admission was free to everyone. Before the show even started the chairs were already filled up with over 50 attendants, more than what the organizers had anticipated. And when he got on stage he had most people laughing before he even spoke a word.

Valotykki on Stage
Valotykki on Stage

Then when he began throwing the rib-crackers he had everybody in stitches. His comedy touched on issues from him growing up to a mockery on certain high profile figures but it mainly focused on the controversial issue of homosexuality. The session lasted for about 45 minutes leaving most asking for more.

After the show, I had an interview with the lad and this is what went down:

LESh da WRITIST:Thanks for meeting up with me and I really enjoyed the show you had there. First thing I would like to know is why the name Valotykki.


VALOTYKKI: Thank you for inviting me to this interview. I am honored. Well, Valotykki is a Finish (Finland) word meaning spotlight.


LDW: Can you tell us about your feelings towards the show and the preparations that went into it.
V: I guess it was a great show for a first-timer like me. Homosexuality is a current issue that I felt most people would be interested in. I left no stone unturned when addressing the issue. We had onlya week to prepare for the show.

LDW: why did you choose comedy?
V: Comedy is something that I grew up watching from an early age. So I experimented with this art form and I ended up falling in love with.


LDW: Ok. So I am sure there are people in the industry that you looked up to.
V: Yes indeed there are comedians that I looked up to when growing up. The most prominent of them being, the American comedian, Bill Cosby.


LDW: Interesting. So you mention there an American comedian, which gets me to ask: What do you think of the comedy industry in the country?

V: Yeah man comedy in this country is relatively new and is still growing. One attitude that I have noticed here is that, when people come watch comedy they come to judge how funny you are and not to just relax and be entertained. This tends to bring most comedians down.


LDW: How do you hope to tackle such perception glitches that you foresee to come in your young journey?


V: I would say that the most important thing for comedians is to always be relevant and know the audience they are dealing with.
LDW: Great stuff. Final question. What can we expect from Valotykki in the near future?


V: Well my agent and I are still working on going to a few venues here in Bulawayo and in the capital city before the end of the year.

Besides comedy, Valotykki is currently a student at Amakhosi Academy, studying acting, directing and music and is signed under Red Carpet Production founded by his fellow student, Thabiso Daudi Phiri.