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Beautiful Turmoil


Sleepless nights, beautiful nights .I watched the days
Go by, as the clock ticked rapidly.
My years of massive contemplating.
Mammoth confusion, the lingering,
feeling of isolation.Adoption of the character of desolation.
My security, my insecurity. I adopted the personality of a spy.
True lies from my eye, made the masses believe,
I was the most gleeful, cheerful; yet deep down the heart was in pain.

Sleepless nights, my beautiful nights.
My first gaze of her, was accurate,
Far from awful, but close to deity. A scene only envisioned in a dream.
Her voice too calm, it’s the sound of an angel;
She has my mind wondering, in the polar region.
I call this feeling a beautiful diet.
I am in fight, a mental struggle I adore.
An estate I cannot vacate, the odds were one in a million.

Sleepless nights, my beautiful nights.
My mind spins in one vicinity; I never thought I could win the race.
It’s a miracle, a mixture of destiny and God’s Grace.
My face in heaven when she makes an appearance.
She possesses the perfect traits, my own yellow version of Lupita Nyong’o.
True Africa beauty, the reason, my justification,for her significance in my life.
The reason I am alive, in a live comma.
Sleepless nights, my beautiful nights, a spinster taking my mind to new heights.

Inspired by Real Events…

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