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How to dress up for work…

blazer for ladies

Dressing up for work should always be fun and never a hassle .The four words every woman should have in mind when dressing up for work are elegant, smart ,comfortable and professional. Being an office “fashionista” is simple, though there are a number of things one should consider when dressing up for work.

Every woman wants to be taken seriously at work. To achieve this, always wear a blazer and not a cardigan to meetings. Remember how they insisted that you wear blazers to club meetings in High School or would pay a fine. They meant well because, they were preparing you for the future. The blazer not only makes you look formal but also to be taken seriously and makes you look like someone who is down for serious business.
The other thing is cleavage, how much is too much. In as much as you would love to showcase your cleavage because you might be having your eye that “hottie” from work. Cleavage at the office is an acceptable because it is destruction. ”Some things” are best left for the imaginary realm. T- Shirts at the office are not acceptable except of course for casual Fridays because the only scream CASUAL.

Also, minimal make up please. A little blusher, nude eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss or lipstick. You would not want to want to look like a piece of canvas that a child has been trying to paint, but has failed dismally. No client would want to walk into a board room to find a clown in the boardroom.
Miniskirts are so like the 90s that have come and gone. They are usually referred to skirts that end where they have just started. Rather opt for pencil skirt, they are more subtle and elegant. Short things are not office material. Then there is tight clothing. Tight clothes are not only uncomfortable, but an accident in waiting. First of all, some of them are so tight that you cannot breathe.

A bad combination, however is short and tight, you will consistently be pulling down you dress or skirt and chances are you will have a horrible day. The other thing is you are not sure what to expect, if you are to trip, your clothes are likely to tear and just imagine the embarrassment.
Open shoes like gladiators, slippers, sandals are unacceptable.

Remember that good shoes always give every woman confidence to conquer the world. Opt for pumps, kitten heels or wedges if you are going to be on your feet all day long. You can then swoop to your sky scrapper heels at night when you are going out with your friends.
Accessories bring glitz and glamour to any outfit and make it look fresh and original .

wedge shoe Picture: wardahsyaura.blogspot.com
wedge shoe Picture: wardahsyaura.blogspot.com

For work, opt for a watch than a bracelet, you can swoop it when going to a cocktail party after work. With earrings, you can either wear studs or chandelier earrings as long as you can pull it off. However do not make the mistake of wearing all of them at once. If you are to wear the watch, and the earrings then do not wear the statement ring.

ladies watches (picture) www.fashionworldpic.com
ladies watches (picture) www.fashionworldpic.com

ALSO do not forget to balance your accessories, pair a bigger accessory with a smaller accessory. For example, a chunky necklace with studs,a big watch with a small ring
Wear bright colors too they will surely lift up your spirits but keep it professional.

Dress up in an outfit that makes you,  and be ready to conquer the world

XOXO the fashionista

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