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How To Manage Your Musical Talent…


Welcome to 2015, I believe each and everyone of us has set targets for themselves for this great year, and if you keep on focused you will surely accomplish and meet your targets on time.

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This is my very first article in 2015 and we are going to be talking about music. We will explore all the aspects involved in music.

In recent years there has been an extra ordinary mushrooming of artists, producers, composers, instrumentalist. And its so amazing that we have so much talent in the world and it has made the established musicians to work harder because the young and upcoming talent have so much upto date dynamics of music. They now play instruments (i.e guitars, keyboards, drums etc) way better.

The only sad story is most of them don’t make it far or they don’t last in the arts and entertainment industry. There are so many reasons why this is so. We will take a look at some of those reasons.

1. Most young artists get into the industry with very little or with absolutely no knowledge about the policies and laws that govern the industry. They don’t know their rights as musicians hence many music promoters and producers exploit their talents.

Due to the pressure of wanting fame they tie themselves to contracts that disadvantage them. As a young artist take time and know the industry and the policies and laws in the industry. Its also important to have a credible and honest manager to negotiates contracts and gigs for you. His job is to protect your interests and makes sure you are not exploited in the industry.

In choosing a manager you have to be careful because if you get an ignorant manager then it become a scenario where two blind people leading each other the way and you know the result, they will both fall in the pit.

2. The moment you decide to get into the music industry you must have a very strong financial back up. In order to survive in this industry you must make sure your resources are in order because everything involved in making you a better artist costs money.

You need equipment for rehearsal, you need to pay the producers, you have to pay for studio time etc. I’m reminded of a scenario we had with the band I play with, a lady wanted to record an album and the band was excited to do the project and when an official meeting was done to map out the way forward and get into details of the deal the lady says she doesn’t have money to pay the band and at that moment every band member wasn’t interested, she was discouraged but because she didn’t have a very strong financial backup she couldn’t get what she wanted. If by any means get a sponsor and it will be a lot easier to find your way and survive in the music industry.

3. When you decide to get into this industry you have to understand that you have to commit your time to it, the thing is you have to invest your time on rehearsals, gigs, tours, studio sessions etc. If you take it part time you can’t survive much because you need time to rehearse and improve your self and write new materials and so on. So time is a critical commodity in this industry, you have to make time for music.

In our next article we are going to be exploring music as a form of art and how music has become a part of our daily lives.

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