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I never knew Hip Hop was a culture till the last month of 2014 when I spent the day with NkuluMoney’s (Nkulumane’s) finest die hard Hip Hop heads Kid Eggo and Quba in their hood. Dearest reader, its amazing how much a single bottle of Skippers diluted with Dragon Energy drink can reveal.


I still remember how awed I was as they took me through the mesmerising journey of the Hip Hop culture. Poor me, I thought that Hip Hop was just a music genre. Mind you my dear reader, when I talk about culture I am not referring to tradition which we usually mistake culture for. I mean culture, the way of life.

Maybe I have never really paid enough attention to Hip Hop because even though I have always wondered why Tupac and B.I.G got shot, have always been curious about the Westside and Eastside coast feuds, I have never really given myself enough time to know about that. Thanks to Kid Eggo and Quba I now know that when Tupac got shot in New York at the Bad Boys Studios, he suspected that B.I.G was behind it and that’s all I know for now.


Well dearest reader, do let me share with you my little profound knowledge. However, if you happen to be well versed in Hip Hop culture, I beg, do not laugh at my little discoveries because they are huge to me and I cherish them. I know I can easily find loads of information on the internet but there is nothing as breath-taking and refreshing as having someone so passionate about Hip Hop culture impart the knowledge to me.

My knowledge about Hip Hop culture is so shallow that I was surprised to find out that there is conscious Hip Hop! I only knew about conscious reggae. The only type of Hip Hop music I knew was commercial done by the likes of Lil Wayne. It’s a pity there was no electricity in Nkulumane otherwise Kid Eggo and Quba wanted to sample for me some tracks from conscious Hip Hop heads like MOS DEF, KRS ONE, A TRIBE CALLED QUEST and TalibKweli.
The fact that basketball and skateboarding fall under the culture was news to me. I even laughed when they said poetry was part of Hip Hop. Their explanation was that poetry is a form of expression one’s self like Hip Hop. Apparently, Hip Hop was started by Black Americans as a form of expressing and sharing issues that affected them. For example racism which was still ripe at that time. Can you believe that when Hip Hop music originated, it wasn’t instrumental?

According to Quba and Kid Eggo, for one to fully understanding the Hip Hop culture, one has to develop love for it at a tender age and grow with it. When I told them that I was interested in Hip Hop and wanted to know more about it they subtly hinted to me that I was too old to start following the Hip Hop culture and my knowledge is very shallow. To prove how serious and hooked I was, I told them that I was now a proud owner of a flat cap, a pair of sneakers and a baseball jacket. To my disappointment, they bluntly told me that dressing like that does not make one a true Hip Hop head. They emphasised the fact that one should not be into Hip Hop for the fashion but because that person truly wants to understand the background and culture as whole.


I could go on and on about this culture but I still have a lot to learn. I also have to horn my rhyming skills so that, someday I can battle with some of Nkulumane’s popular Hip Hop heads like Frost, Khapadia, Faha, ThaDoan, Biko, Terror, Ocee, Kid Eggo and Mac. What I also have to do is make regular trips to Nkulumane and strengthen my knowledge about the Hip Hop culture.

Mega 2015 love to you my dearest reader. Shout out to kid Eggo, Quba, Khoi Khoi, Courage, Tham, Moseh, Benjy and the rest of the crew for the wonderful hospitality.
I love Nkulumane have a prosperous and exciting 2015.

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