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Kanda bongo man denied illicit affair with dancer


Kanda Bongo Man and Botswana’s music export to South Africa Vebrok (Veronica Brooks) are reportedly head over heels with each other but the two poured water on the suggestion.

Rumour doing rounds in the showbiz circles is that the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)-born musician was struck by the love-on-first-sight bug when he met the local diva at a music festival in Limpopo province this September.

Kanda Bongo Man performed at the 3rd annual Phalaphala Royal Heritage Festival this September and Vebrok managed to negotiate her way into having a face-to-face meeting with the celebrated soukous icon.

Royal Gardens, one of Venda’s best kept secrets, nestled at the base of the Nandoni Dam in the Limpopo province, served as a perfect venue for the two musicians to exchange pleasantries before our own diva receiving a love proposal, it is said.

Kanda bongo
Kanda bongo

The gardens, described as a land of myths, legends, beautiful scenery and landscape, added another fur to its description to become a place where the legendary Kanda Bongo Man allegedly met and proposed Botswana’s diva.

A close friend to both Vebrok and Kanda Bongo Man told this publication that the two are in deep love. Our source said the duo’s behaviour from Gaborone, Maun to Francistown lifted the lid of the secret pot.

“It is not disputable that the two are in deep love. I do not know whether the extreme affection between the two is because of the fact they started dating a few months ago,” said our source, adding that the two are always clinging to each other.

Approached for a comment, Vebrok admitted that she was part of the who and who of the music industry who attended the 3rd annual Phalaphala Royal Heritage Festival during the month of September.

She also admitted that she negotiated her way to meet the soukous music revitalizer at the event but denied suggestions that the two are involved in a steamy intimate relationship.


“We are just business partners. There is nothing like that (them having a sexual relationship),” Vebrok refuted the suggestion when approached for a comment over the weekend just before her performance at the BOCCIM hall in Francistown.

The ever giggling chanteuse said she did everything within her power to meet the 59-year-old music star to propose her desire to recompile Kanda Bongo Man’s hit song Monie into a house remix.

In a separate telephone interview, Vebrok said with a giggle: “I will be shocked to the core if ever Kanda Bongo Man was to propose love to me looking at how famous, successful and popular he is.”

For his part, Kanda Bongo Man also refuted the suggestions saying there is no way he can have a relationship with Vebrok because he is based in the United Kingdom (UK).

However, he could not give a straight answer when asked if distance can be a barrier for lovers.

He decided to remain silent. Throughout the interview, Kanda Bongo Man never talked of any reasons that will stop them having a relationship despite the long distance between the UK and Africa where Vebrok is based.

It remains to be seen whether the alleged relationship between the two musicians will remain a closely guarded secret bearing in mind that the two will be continuing working together in future.


Source: The Voice (Botswana)

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