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That thing called Ngoma…

broncleer Bottle: Picture(Ernest Mackina)
Broncleer Bottle: Picture(Ernest Mackina)

I recently attended a funeral, I again visited the grave site. I hate hanging around this place because it has so many sad images. My heart is broken as we maneuver around this home that is filled to capacity, where will they bury me I wonder and as I look at the place young people are becoming extinct. The picture of my mother comes to play, I wish to do something for her. I again visit my childhood the sacrifices she made and the things she continue to do without a guaranteed pay back from me.  I wonder if i would do enough for her.


Am here to bury a good friend who passed on after taking one of too many. Yes the illegal stuff, made him see the end of life. Am broken and shattered for how long are we going to lose young people to this substances. Everyone from our small township is here incluiding those who drank with him the last sip on the uneventful day.  I can’t partake that we may come here again after this. I remember him vividly he was once my head boy at primary school, he carried so much potential and power. I remember he took almost every school accolade. He was an intelligent man with a brighter future ahead.


His recent achievement being a degree in something to do with mining, I feared he will die in the mines when he went for attachment in Marange two years ago, but he sailed through and only to be taken by a monster called Brocho/Ingoma/umshonga. People cried as his arbituary was being read academic achievements and awards but nothing to show for it. What a brilliant fine young man he was. As we took the picks and shovels I never stopped thinking that indeed we were closing a chapter to a life of a brilliant young legend. Every parent wanted to have a kid like him, a kid with passion and zeal to do the right thing.




broncleer Bottle: Picture(Ernest Mackina)
Broncleer Bottle: Picture(Ernest Mackina)

We all believe education is the key to success, we have all went in full force to acquire  education. Some have travelled to faraway places to get degrees. Money have been used, parents have died poor in a dream to see educated young people. Zimbabwean universities have produced more than 5000 graduates annually, they have all tossed their graduation hates to the air after being capped by his Excellency.

It is only after hosting graduation parties that we see the real deal of our nation. Graduates spend time in township bridges. Their suddenly becoming masters of talk, only those privileged to have uncles and aunties at higher places turn to have a slice of this corrupt nation. All those with no one at the top hierarchy benefit from such rotten deals. Our parents no longer think of retirement as a thing to do because no one at home will be working.
We have heard about indeginasation but who benefited.



We see young people roam the streets with absolutely nothing to do. Those in higher offices continue to have a good life driving latest cars and swimming in luxury. We are now having people going to work as civil servants for the idea of getting money not a passion driven career. We no longer have teachers who want to teach our young brothers we have teachers who want money, we no longer have police officers who want to arrest criminals we have officers who wait for criminals to bribe them. We no longer have soldiers who were inspired by guns,bullets and camourflage  to be in the army we have gun men who were inspired by being a civil servant and getting paid for nothing.

Almost every office has been littered with men and women who don’t have passion for the industry but passion to milk the coffers dry. It is all those who fall at the other side of the ring that end up like my friend spending the better part of the day at local bottle stores or beer gardens.Mixing any concotion to get drunk and forget everything, it during such things that we have buried some of them.  How many young people will continue to perish at the bar alter when some continue to have big bellies. Zimbabwe has no jobs we have a crisis in the country. Some try to run for cover in other countries but it is never rosy.

Industries continue to close. Our republic is a chaos. Young people’s lives are being in the line. Bottle store’s suddenly becomes their homes. The youth centres that used to be a hub of creativity for young people have suddenly turned into church centres. As many perish because of that thing called Bron Cleer it is my hope that our young people can be helped. I cry to our council to ressurrect the once vibrant youth centres for the help of our future leaders.

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