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The 10 fashion items every woman should have in 2015

trech coat (pic: www.pinrest.com)
trech coat (pic: www.pinrest.com)

The New Year is upon us and it is that time when we get to set our goals and jot down resolutions. This year I will help you take your closet to another level. Every, woman should have some staple pieces, that will be an investment as they can be worn over and over again decades to come.
1. The Trench coat

The trench coat is a winter must have and it has been there since World War 1.It just oozes a commander flair and makes you look very stylish and yet warm. Make sure you get it in black, beige, cream, grey or white. This will make it easier for you to mix and match with your clothes.

trech coat (pic: www.pinrest.com)
trech coat (pic: www.pinrest.com)

2 . Jeans
Jeans are a staple piece, they have been there since the early 1870s but became more poplar in the 1950s.Jeans can be worn at smart casual events or on casual Fridays at work and their advantage is that they can be dressed up or down. It would be ideal to invest in a pair of jeans. If you have an athletic figure, opt for skinny jeans and, if you are curvy opt for boot leg jeans


These shoes are very comfortable and very stylish. They have been there since the 1930s and no matter the design of the wedge, you are guaranteed that you can wear them for decades to come. The wedge is very comfy as you can wear them when you are going shopping or going out with the girls.

wedge shoe(pic www.hwdi.com)
wedge shoe(pic www.hwdi.com)

4. Red lipstick.

Despite the fact that it can hold a man’s attention for 10 seconds .The red lipstick has been rocking the silver screen since the 1920s and back then it was used as a sign of independence and now women use it to make a statement. Red lipstick is definitely a fashion item to have in 2015.

5.Leather Jacket
The leather jacket was a popular fashion item in World 2, the leather jacket is timeless and worth the investment no matter the price tag, it will be worth every cent. It is not only stylish but it can be worn all year round when the weather gets chilly.


6. The Shift dress
The shift dress is very versatile as you can dress it up or down. Even if you have one from the 90s, you can take it to the tailor to put some modern touches on it. You can also modernise it by adding a blazer and some heels or rock it with pumps and a cardigan you can buy It in black or white or in bright colours

Shift dress
Shift dress

7. Leather Boots
Whether, they ankle cut, knee high or thigh high, these beauties are timeless ,they have been there since forever but they were popular in the 1960s.These beauties are definitely worth the investment. It would be better to buy them in black or dark brown

8. Pencil skirt
The pencil has been there since the 1940s, it is a timeless piece that can be dressed up or down with a crisp white blouse and a blazer or rock it with a loss fitting chiffon top with a statement necklace. It is perfect for work and you can wear it to church or when going out with friends.

9. The tote bag
The term tote means to carry .The tote bag became popular in the 1940s.It is not only cute but it is very stylish and versatile as you can carry it almost anywhere. It would ideal to have in neutral colours as you can use it for a long time

10. A black blazer
Blazers are important in every woman’s closet. It has the ability to make you taken seriously at work, remember how they insisted that you wear a blazer to your meetings. They were grooming you for the workplace.


Go forth and invest in these timeless pieces. They will be worth every cent
xoxo the Fashionista

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