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The Chitenge a must have Attire…


A chitenge is the name given to the African print fabric in Zambia and Malawi. African prints have taken the fashion world by storm. From early 2013 we have seen celebrities like Beyonce and Rihannah wearing Kente and I guess that has just made us Africans appreciate the chitenge more.

Beyonce in African prints
Beyonce in African prints

Traditionally the chitenge is worn like a wrap over skirt so that it protects the womans items of clothing while she works whether it’s in the field or in the house doing her daily chores. Chitenges are also used to carry babies on their backs.

Over the years African attires became quite popular in most African countries like Zambia, Malawi and Nigeria. It was normally worn by adults and we the younger generation was never really interested in wearing them because it looked too mature.


From 2013 young people have started wearing them in the form of maxi dresses, skirts, shorts, and the different accessories. I think African print will still be trendy in 2015 but more in the form of accessories.

Chitenge Accessories Picture(Annie Maliki)
Chitenge Accessories Picture(Annie Maliki)


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