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The Significance of music…

five star general
five star general

In our previous article we covered a lot of areas concerning young and upcoming artists and the challenges that they face when they decided to jump into the music and arts industry.


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five star general
The five star general

The Five Star General

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Music for centuries as been a very significant and effective means of communication. This communication can be a social commentary, political commentary and also as a means of communicating one’s feelings.

You listen to many artist in the world they write their songs so much in line with the happenings or occurances on earth. I remember when i was still a young lad i used to sing along a song by Penny Penny, the song was about AIDS and EBOLA and at the time that song was famous that when AIDS was so famous of killing a lot of people. Also songs that come to my mind are Heal the world by Michael Jackson, Where is the love by Black eyed peas. As the song play you can literally feel the message coming through to you. You can also listen to the song by Akon called Freedom.

The communication these songs have is so intense at some point, Oliver Mtukudzi has been one artist i respect in the music industry, he has done so many albums and yet his message is still so strong and mature. I personally have been so attached to some songs even though i have no idea of the language used. I have two particular songs that just make me love music, Tajabone by Ismael Lo and lately Asine by Kelly Khumalo. The languages used on both song are so foreign to me but i still can feel that this was a heartfelt track and its really passing a message from the heart.

The lesson most upcoming artists should know is music is much more than the financial benefits and fame but also understand that it has a global impact, music has the ability to destroy or build humanity. As an upcoming artist have one agenda and that is to make the world a better place through music. Lets lives be changed through your music, let broken hearts be mended by you music, let the discouraged be encouraged by your music.

Its also so intresting to notice how the coperate world takes advantage of music. I remember at some point i went to South Africa and when i got there i want to buy a sim card and now i had to make a choice between the available networks and the choice was so easy, i went ahead and bought a Vodacom starter pack and you know why? because when i was in Zimbabwe i was seeing a lot of adverts for vodacom and they played the music i loved. Now imagine because in their advert they played my favourite song i went ahead and bought the starter pack. Thats the impact music has is our morden day world. Even in the political world, many political parties bring on board musicians that are loved by the people and once people see their favourite artist doing a song for that party they just go ahead and vote for them.

Music has a global impact, in every area of our lives music fits in well. Imagine there are millions and millions of songs that have been recorded and each and every one of them has a place in the society. There is a song for every mood you can think of, regardless of race, language or location music cuts across all those barries. Even when people worship God music is so much a neccessary ingridient, for some when they sing those song man its like heaven on earth.

In conclusion, upcoming artist must first understand the significance of music in the morden day and once you master that you will not find it difficult to survive in this rich and wonderful music industry. More to come in our next article!

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