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Welcome to 2015: Editorial

Urban culxure
Urban culxure

We have been granted another year to live, work, play,eat,dance and above all make our dreams come true. It is our belief that the past 8 days of 2015 have been amazing to you and you are geared for another exciting run.

Dear Reader i would like to thank you for supporting the Urban culxure vision we hope our news and articles will help you in 2015. It is at this point that i would like to let you know that we have included 3 more categories to our site namely 263- connection which is set to look at the beauty of Zimbabwe Tourist destinations and the ever creative Zimbos. Short stories and poetry are also part of our new line up to have your story or poem  featured email kudatakundwa@gmail.com Lastly we will have the lifestyle section “UrbanVoices which will look at real life stories.

The team behind Urban culxure Magazine wishes you a prosperous and exciting 2015 stay blessed…


Thank you

Managing Editor

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