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Come Back My Love…


By Steven Mandipaka

Come back my love, come back & let our days be ignited again into a flame of love.

My heart longeth for thee mre than weed & stock feed, to find u here again resting upon my thighs.

My eyes googleth for thee, to see you right beside me just as it was before.

Come back my love, come back and  let us start from were we left.

Start with me that which we once started the day we bought those starter crumbs, that which is lovelier like dark and lovely, that which in you I delight in.

Come back my love & let those days of Loneliness come to a seize fire, bring to me roses of laughter & sprinkle my heart with kisses of joy.

Ooh ! How I long for thee like tea with milk, to see you once again like Harry Potter on DSTV catch up.

Come back my love, come & let us find in our hearts a common ground – to love again. Come back my love, come back and  let’s start all over from were we left in Eden.

Come back Ooh ! Jesus.

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