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Expectations of the heart…


A famous man once said “Anyone can catch your eye but it takes someone special to catch your heart”, the heart is the core of our being and it is believed to be where love resides though some believe love resides in the deepest part of our soul.


As the gift to love and to be loved is stored in the heart it takes someone special to unlock the gift to be seen and be natured. It is an expectation for every human heart to find someone to share, cherish, adore and respect. That person who plays hero in the darkest hour and who suddenly makes the world go around each time you are together.  Everyone has Expectations of the heart and everyone wants to be happy in life.

Chocolates and Roses
Chocolates and Roses

Relationships are not always a garden of roses. At times you doubt yourself you ask yourself the motive of embarking in the journey of love in the first place. At times some problems may be resolved and you move on but at times the heart turns into mourning and love becomes one social curse that brings problems and misery in life.

The heart is fragile once broken it takes time to heal, recover and move on. For some love brings joy, happiness, peace and to them love is the most fulfilling thing in they lives. It is against this background that two people are usually joined together in holy matrimony. Though some use love as a way to benefit and make money those are people.

pinned heart

February 14 I’m sure everyone who celebrates this day has made a plan to surprise that special person to make the world seem to revolve around her/him. This day will certainly belong to those in love everything else will stand still as people share the gift of love on Valentines Day. For gift shops, restaurants this day signals brisk business and time to make more money.



Due to circumstances some may not be able to surprise they loved ones this day will certainly be a curse as some may be angry with a feel of being less appreciated and wanted. For some of my friends I know this day to them is a day to sleep around. Some will temporarily hide to try and avoid the responsibilities of this day. Valentines Day has its fair share of interesting displays with some presents likely to be rejected. On this day some will try to lure lonely, vunerable and frustrated hearts with presents in order to sleep with this people so “BEWARE” of such individuals.

love day

As people have different expectations on Valentines Day some expect to be pampered and be treated like royalty as the day is upon us what do you expect for Valentines, dinner in a fancy luxurious restaurant, fresh bouquets of red roses, printed card, heart shaped chocolate,  teddy bears, or maybe sexy lingerie from your loved one. With high hopes and expectations for this day I certainly hope what your heart desires shall be fulfilled. For those who might fail one man once said: you may make your saying through a kiss.

you may make your saying through a kiss.

Ladies and gentleman may I take this time to wish you a happy Valentines Day and may the almighty make every second of your life a valentines second and enjoy your expectations.

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